18 Pics That Can Mislead Us Without Any Photoshop

10 months ago

Even though Photoshop was invented almost 30 years ago, it’s still a huge part of our lives. It’s the main reason for why, nowadays, it can be really challenging to identify which pictures are unedited and which are fake. However nature and a human hand have always been the best artists and they can still beat any computer program when it comes to fascinating shots.

1. “My broken car antenna looks like a half-sunken boat.”

2. Is that part of the building inside or outside?

3. Worship me, people, I can hover! Don’t mind the transparent sunroof beneath me...

4. It’s a real project where different surfaces were painted in a special way to cause this Photoshop effect.

5. “Just saw this at the airport, took me a couple of minutes to realize he’s hugging a pillow.”

6. A giant skateboard, a tiny car, or the magic of the right perspective?

7. It takes a while to understand that this is just a very confusing perspective.

8. “C’mon little human, give me a scratch!”

9. This picture is a little bit perplexing, where did the legs go?

10. A tiny person selecting a giant book in the library

11. Spider-Man, is that you?

12. The way this helmet blends in with the sky is fascinating.

13. A mirage or just foggy weather?

Ruti / pikabu

14. “It’s so crazy hot here that the houses are melting!”

15. The perfect perspective makes the picture look like a daredevil jump!

16. Siberian huskies are so tough, they can walk on water!

17. This gardener took perfectionism to another level.

18. Some people leave their cars parked for such a long time, trees begin sprouting through them!

T0TKT0 / pikabu

Have you ever captured something like this? Feel free to share your stories and pics in the comment section below!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit ogre_easy / reddit


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