21 pieces of beautifully subtle wisdom from Korea to enrich your mind

year ago

The ancient wisdom of the Korean people is an intriguing mix of the subtleties and unique thought processes of East Asia combined with local customs and traditions. Despite being significantly different from many other cultures, as with every nation around the world, one can learn a lot from the wisdom of the Korean people’s proverbs and sayings, passed down by generations. Here are 21 of the best.

  1. It doesn’t matter what you wear. It only matters what you are carry in your soul.
  2. If a woman is pretty, you will be happy together for three years. If a woman is the perfect cook, you will be together for 30 years. But if a woman is smart, your happiness will last for three generations.
  3. Yesterday is history; tomorrow remains unknown. But today is a gift.
  4. All men are children until they have their own children.
  5. When you notice that someone has a shortcoming, always remember that you have more than a few of your own.
  6. He who says he has no time to study will never study even when he has time a-plenty.
  7. If you know the path forward, run ahead.
  8. After three years of training, even a dog will begin to recite poetry.
  9. No news is also good news.
  10. You cannot cover the entire sky with the palm of your hand.
  11. When a tiger dies, it leaves only its pelt behind; when a man dies, he leaves his name.
  12. It doesn’t matter when a house burns down — at least the bugs have died with it.
  13. You cannot spit at a smiling face.
  14. Do not stare at a tree if you cannot climb it.
  15. Clothes are best when they’re new; friends are better when they’re old.
  16. People with similar beliefs will become friends during their very first meeting; people with divergent beliefs will never become friends even after a thousand meetings.
  17. You don’t have to drink the entire sea to find out it that it’s salty.
  18. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
  19. There isn’t a tree out there which will not fall after hundreds of axe blows.
  20. Even the most impressive fairytale can become boring if you have heard it too many times.
  21. Even if the sky one day collapses, there will be an opening somewhere to let you crawl out.


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