21 Before-and-After Pics That Prove Time Has Meaningful Power

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Whether it’s about committing to a healthier body or nurturing a furry friend into a better life, everything begins with the decision to improve the current situation. All it takes is the right amount of motivation and maybe some good old-fashioned tender loving care, and you’d be surprised to see what you are capable of.

Bright Side rounded up 21 photos of inspiring transformations, and they might just give you the push you need to achieve great results as well.

1. “I adopted him just a month ago. We can’t believe it’s the same dog.”

2. “Decided to lose my cheeks.”

3. “The evolution of our foster pup’s ears — from day one of being found as a stray to now”

4. “Working out and eating healthy is a fountain of youth.”

5. “6 years ago, I had surgery to straighten up my spine. This is the before and after result.”

6. “I’ve been working on my garden for several months so I could post a picture like this.”

7. “I’ve been struggling with an eating disorder, but I’ve finally found the motivation to work it out.”

8. “Found him on Craigslist when he was 6 months old. After nursing him back to health, he’s a happy 7-year-old now!”

9. “I’ve been growing my hair out for 3 years!”

10. “My dog at her chonkiest vs now”

11. “Before pics on the left — had my nose done after hating it for 12+ years. Best decision I ever made.”

12. “I used to have missing and broken teeth. It took 35 years, but I finally feel good about smiling.”

13. “This bearded dragon was found wandering the streets, filthy and weak. The second photo is just a few weeks after I rescued her.”

14. “Out-of-breath face vs cool face”

15. “My husband’s 3-year journey — I couldn’t be more proud!”

16. “I lost 50 pounds along the way.”

17. “Found him dehydrated in the summer heat. Didn’t plan on keeping him, but a few years later and I could never leave him!”

18. “My husband is aging in reverse!”

19. “From concert attendee and a size 24 to singer/entertainer and a size 00 — my greatest dreams became a reality.”

20. “This is Lucy. My amazing wife saved her from the streets and disease.”

21. “Always blows my mind when I see pictures of myself now. 2019 to 2022!”

What was the best thing you ever did for yourself or for others (pets included), and how did that affect your life?

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Unknown / Reddit


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