23 People Who Saw Something That Triggered Their Wow-Impulse

2 years ago

It is not every day that we get to see a picture-perfect cluster of soap bubbles or a fire rainbow in the sky. But sometimes the universe decides to dazzle us and shakes its magic wand to make us witness something astonishing. Aside from being moments of great distraction, these sights are reminders that life is an enchanting journey filled with mysteries and wonders, something we tend to forget as we grow older.

At Bright Side, we’re fascinated by the extraordinary, this is why we have collected some photos that will make your jaw drop and leave you speechless for a minute or 2.

1. ’’While doing the dishes, I saw a cluster of perfectly aligned bubbles. And I was quite fascinated by it.’’

2. This upside-down building.

3. ’’This flower in my garden has portion of bright red petals.’’

4. ’’Our dog had a tick. Our dog’s tick also had a tick.’’

5. ’’The mirror reflection in my car after a wash.’’

6. ’’My betta’s 32-day transformation since I got him is like a Pokémon evolution.’’

7. ’’A bird laid eggs in my bike helmet.’’

8. ’’My friend took a photo of a soap bubble and it is honestly too much.’’

9. ’’This fossilized dinosaur foot print I saw in Utah.’’

10. ’’A car my mother photographed in Tunisia.’’

11. ’’This lizard I saw in Kenya.’’

12. Saw a squirrel eating a strawberry off a fork.

13. “My summer spent chasing storms through Germany and Europe.”

14. ’’This tree trunk chair I found in Kendal, England.’’

15. ’’This Princess Leia fire hydrant I saw today.’’

16. ’’A wind-blown tree I saw in Hawaii.’’

17. ’’We spotted a fire rainbow, a rare event that only lasted a few moments and is absolutely stunning.’’

18. ’’My Airbnb was an entire house built inside a barn.’’

19. ’’I found a really cool looking pepper while prepping some habaneros.’’

20. ’’My mom and uncle found a target drone on the beach.’’

21. ’’My $20 bill with a serial number 1.’’

22. ’’This archaeological wall of engravings I found while hiking.’’

23. My succulent suddenly bloomed with this flower.

Have you seen something similar to these photos above? Share the most surprising random thing you’ve ever seen with us.

Preview photo credit fujiiiiiiiiii/Reddit


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