23 Tiny Cuties Who Can Make Your Day a Little Brighter

4 years ago

When we feel sad or tired, our furry friends usually support us and bring us happiness by showing their unconditional, true love. But even if you don’t have any pets at home, you can always take a look at photos of some charming animals to improve your mood and make even the dullest day a little brighter. And what could be more adorable than baby animals?

Bright Side gathered 23 photos of lovely little creatures that will definitely put a smile on your face.

23. When somebody says that you’re a good boy:

22. “I may be tiny, but I will conquer your heart.”

21. So much wisdom behind these blue eyes.

20. When your cheeks are your only treasure:

19. The bigger the feet, the sweeter you look.

18. “Do I look like a princess?”

17. If you’re happy and you know it, just smile back!

16. A perfect selfie

15. “Hey, I’m watching you, bro!”

14. When you get caught driving without a seat belt:

13. Pure happiness

12. You’ve got mail!

11. “Rub my belly for good luck.”

10. Absolute relaxation

9. High five!

8. “Put me back in bed, hooman...”

7. “Come here and join my splashing party!”

6. “How does my hair look?”

5. The first steps are always the hardest.

4. “Nap time is my happy hour.”

3. “If you hurt me, you’ll have to deal with my mom!”

2. “But mooom, I hate baths!”

1. When you wake up on Sunday morning and there’s still no breakfast in your bed:

What do you usually do to make yourself feel better on a moody day? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit celesse / twitter


#22 conquered my heart in 0,1 seconds!!!
#21 Am I the only one who saw it and sang in my head this old song from limp bizkit "behind blue eyes"?

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