24 Fantastic Products We’d Buy Right Now Just for the Packaging

4 years ago

For many of us, the packaging is irrelevant. It’s just a container for a product we want to buy. But if you have a look at the packages from our list, you’ll understand that the designers who created them exceeded buyers’ expectations by like 100 times. See for yourself.

At Bright Side, we prefer to have beautiful things around us. This collection of unique packaging proves that even simple and familiar things can become something outstanding thanks to the creative talent of their designers.

TADA assortment of tools

Tea time tea

TEAPEE herbal teas

Panda licorice

Kampa ice tea

The futuristic concept of space spices

Heladiv tea

House wine from the Fish Club restaurant

A bouquet that can be divided, from Coco Fiori salon

Tutu ChouChou hair ties

AHA coffee

Marc Jacobs beauty line

Xian Gao Peng chopsticks

MANUKA BEE lip balm

Purina cat food

Orangina orange soda

Tanqueray No. Ten gin

Kitty’s Kitchen organic cat food

SPA LANA soap with calendula extract

Mr. Kitchen kitchenware

Eternal Oceans canned fish

Shiseido beauty line

Rosso del Vigneto Nuovo wine

Which of these packages impressed you the most?

Preview photo credit Orangina


I love ice tea and this package design is amazing! If this was available in my country, I would buy only this one
Chopsticks design looks beautiful, but I'm the production of bamboo chopsticks. It's not environmentally friendly!
Most of the products are simple, and you can find them anywhere, but their packaging makes me wanna buy exactly that one. Great job, designers!

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