24 People Tell the World About the Things They Are Most Proud Of

4 years ago

Some people don’t like to share their successes because they don’t want to look like they are bragging. But we think that they should share. Because someone else’s successes are something everyone can use to achieve their own goals. If someone else was able to fight their own childhood fears and even beat a serious disease, is there anything impossible in this world?

We at Bright Side understand that sometimes people don’t want to share their successes with others. So we want to help them brag a little.

1. “My brother was the first to graduate with a Master’s in my family. My dad couldn’t stop crying.”

2. “My sweet girl is cancer-free today!!!”

3. “Faced one of my few fears today and gave a presentation to dozens of people about Steven Spielberg, everyone started clapping and a couple of people came up to me and told me I was amazing, plus I got this shirt as a birthday gift. Today is my birthday.”

4. “The first painting I have made since I quit drinking 93 days ago. I thought I would never paint again.”

5. “My corgi when he found out that he made it onto a billboard”

6. “My old man retired as a 4-star general after 40 years in the military today. Proud and glad he’s done.”

7. “I know it may not seem like much to many, but last year I was size 24/26 in pants. Today I am a size 16! I am really proud.”

8. “After 4 years, 75 rejections, and 164 days on anxiety medicine, I published my first fantasy book!”

9. “When I was born, the doctors told my parents I had aortic stenosis so blood couldn’t move around to the rest of my body. I wasn’t supposed to live to my first birthday. This is my cardiologist and I. In a little over a month, I start my first semester of college.”

10. A big smile on a proud mother

11. “This month I graduated from college, bought my first car, got engaged (!!!), and I’m now on my way to start an internship with NASA! This is the happiest I think I’ve ever been.”

12. “My friend has been cleaning up the waters in Sweden since April 2016.”

13. “My mother undervalues her skills as an at home baker — I’m extremely proud of her work!”

14. “My boyfriend just completed this IKEA chair and proudly asked me to take a picture of him sitting on his accomplishment.”

15. A college grad took photos with her immigrant parents in the fruit fields where they worked to give her a better life.

16. “My language-delayed son called me ‘Mommy’ for the first time in nearly 3.5 years!”

17. “Depression hit me hard a few years ago... I’m finally taking steps to fight it. It’s not perfect, but I have my room back!”

18. “My soon-to-be husband back on a skateboard for the first time since he destroyed his foot a year ago. It’s been a long journey but he made it. So proud.”

19. “My gramma has gone 2 weeks without smoking a single cigarette!!”

20. “I was on TV today for a cake I made that was recognized by my local news! I’ve been working constantly, and even having some deep depressive episodes, but I feel so accomplished to have my work recognized!”

21. “My wife and I just bought our first house!”

22. “My mom graduating with her Ph.D. in social work from Tulane. Her goal was to graduate by 60 and she did it with a year to spare. Super proud of her!”

23. “My daughter won a medal at the Special Olympics. There was a time where doctors told us she wouldn’t survive infancy. Very happy weekend!”

24. “My mom’s an anti-vaxxer. But I’m 19 now and I’ve gotten myself all caught up on my immunizations as of today!!”

Do you have an achievement you are very proud of? Can you tell us about it in the comment section below?

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I wan't to share my proud story too. I used to be really fat since my childhood, Last two years I pulled myself together and finally went to the gym. I lost 20 kilo! :)
My mom also cried during my graduation. I was one of the best students at my university ?

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