24 Photos That Captured the Almost Perfect Crime

4 years ago

Authors and detectives alike have searched for years to find the perfect crime, but it seems to have remained as fruit of their fantasies thus far. Maybe these theorists should take a look at the pictures below and learn what a nearly-perfect crime really looks like.

Bright Side has collected some hilarious photos of crimes that are incredibly close to perfect.

24. "My daughter decided that if she hides in the fridge, she will quietly eat all the sweets that are stored there."

23. "I wanted to replace all my photos in the house with the pictures of our dog, unnoticeably. Mom did notice but decided to leave them saying, 'Dixie is more photogenic than you.'"

22. "My dad's new doorbell has a camera and motion censor on it. When we tried to sneak beer in, I got this screenshot from him five minutes later."

21. It seems that my dog will have to say goodbye to his new bed - the cat will not give it up!"

20. "My cat, Miles thinks that no one sees him stealing candy wrappers from the trash can."

19. "I told my girlfriend I wrote her a poem, but it was just the theme song to King of Queens."

18. "My dog does this every time we take pictures. He seems to get offended whenever we don't invite him to pose together."

17. "In high school, my friend got two pictures in the yearbook by pretending to be his own twin brother."

16. "My grandmother had no idea I wasn't home last night. Thank you, little sister!"

15. "It turns out that my cat likes to do spa treatments in our sink at night. He obviously wasn't expecting me to catch him red-handed."

14. "I used to think that the fallen dishes from the counter were dropped by my cat until one day I came home a little earlier than usual."

13. Agility of the hands is truly priceless!

12. "Is it just me or is this dog putting on an act to get me to go inside?"

11. When children decide to make some final touches in the freshly painted room.

10. "I'm sure no one will notice."

9. "That's when I started to realize who made the terrible mess in my closet."

8. "Yesterday a tire with a cast wheel was removed from my car and replaced it with this one. I didn't even notice until I got home."

7. "He grabs anything we give him. Is it just me or is he really trying to find the most powerful weapon?"

6. This guy finally found the perfect parking space.

5. It seems this sign is in need of an update.

4. "Nice try, H&M."

3. "I'm impressed with my dog, I'm proud of my dog and I'm angry at my dog. And all these feelings are simultaneous."

2. "My neighbor has been complaining about noise for two weeks already. Today I found where the noise was coming from - and it seems he noticed me too."

1. When you have two adult tickets to the movies and you can't find anyone to accompany you.

We have to admit, some of these are pretty brilliant. Will you share your ideal crimes in the comments below, please?

Preview photo credit SoDamnTrue / twitter


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