24 Tender Animal Tattoos That Made Us Go “Aww”

5 years ago

The history of tattooing is several thousand years old. In ancient times, drawings on the body could mean different things such as belonging to a particular clan, an occupation, or something else. Today, many tattoos are applied for the sake of beauty. Modern tattoos are a true art and the masters creating them can be called true artists. Some of those artists create such cute tattoos with animals that it’s impossible to not fall in love with them.

We at Bright Side love animals and tattoos. And if you are someone who isn’t the biggest fan or either one, you’ll surely join our league after reading this article.

1. Trustfulness

2. Brotherhood of dinosaurs

3. Who is hiding there?

4. Shhh! You’ll wake it up!

5. Greetings from Wonderland...

6. Ah, that husky’s expression!

7. Cuteness overload

8. Motherly love

9. A guardian angel

10. She got her pet hedgehog.

11. Friends forever

12. Aww! Goatie...

13. Australian design

14. Walking on the edge

15. Origami rabbit

16. Awww!

17. Up in the air

18. Looks like a real one, doesn’t it?

19. For the fans of Moby Dick

20. Transcendent...

21. Cutest ever!

22. Ah, that look!

23. A serious hedgie

24. Minimalism at its best.

Which of these tattoos did you like the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit east_01 / Instagram


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