25 Dazzling Photos That Show the True Power of Makeup

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4 years ago

The right makeup can be a great tool to help you express yourself, boost confidence, and make a gloomy day shine bright. Sometimes it’s so powerful that it can change a woman’s look completely. And as Francois Nars used to say, “Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, and structure — it can transform you.”

Bright Side has become fascinated with the following images and now invites you to take a look at this compilation of the truly great metamorphoses makeup artists are capable of.

1. When your makeup application is absolutely flawless:

2. There’s something exotic about this unique look.

3. That look though...

4. Every day is an opportunity to improve yourself.

5. No matter how unusual your makeup might be, your eyes won’t lie.

6. Makeup can be a truly powerful tool to boost confidence.

7. What a great makeup job to make people happier!

8. It seems like these are 2 different people but it’s all one woman!

9. From princess to queen

10. When in doubt, glam it out!

11. That’s what you call a real transformation.

12. Who said Barbies aren’t real?

13. Seeing yourself as a slightly different person isn’t so hard after all.

14. Taking one’s best features and making them look even better is a gift.

15. A person can also be a canvas, helping an artist’s idea come to life.

16. Adding more color to your life is always a good idea.

17. Making a big day even more special

18. Looks like “smokey eyes” will never be out of fashion...

19. Stunning and naturally beautiful

20. Even with bright colors on her face, she didn’t lose her tenderness.

21. Quite often, makeup becomes something more than just a combination of mascara and lipstick.

22. She definitely nailed it!

23. The power of red lipstick and big eyelashes

24. There’s a makeup style for every woman that highlights her best features.

25. Creating a brighter look is easier than it seems.

Which of the following transformations did you find the most radical? Would you dare to post a similar collage of yourself? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us.

Preview photo credit paintedbyspencer / instagram


#9 looks way better without make-up, if you ask me ?
Though, her make-up is done great, and makes her look stunning too!
#10 and 14 have waaay to much make up on, and their eyes look unrealistic at that point, I think.
But anyway, it's all done very professionally
I love looks with dark lipstick.
Girls with it look just majestic!

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