25 Designs That Turned Ordinary Things Into Real Masterpieces

4 years ago

A good designer knows that a successful product must be both useful and also visually appealing. Even if the product itself is as simple as possible, the right approach to its design will make it irresistibly desired. A shawl with butterfly wings, forks that are hedgehog spikes, pasta that looks like hair, or banana peel bottles — designers just don’t sit still! They keep bringing us their amazing concepts and ideas, and we just can’t take our eyes off them.

Bright Side enjoys looking at the creative twists on the simple things around us, that’s why we found the most outstanding examples of ingenious design just for you. We can’t wait to share it!

1. This reflection on the DVD as a part of an amazing design

2. A business card from a hairdresser

3. This umbrella packaging with waterdrops makes the vegetables look extra fresh and tasty.

4. This shawl looks like butterfly wings, and it almost feels like you can fly with them!

5. These bags remind us of global problems and call for a helping hand.

6. A hedgehog became a part of a playful design for forks.

7. The texture and shape of pasta are turned into women’s hair, and it looks brilliant.

8. This lamp doesn’t come with a genie, but it helps create delicious salads.

9. This moon-shaped lamp levitates and looks truly magical.

10. A cozy house for your fluffy friend also looks like a delicious cake.

11. Banana milk that you need to peel, just like a real banana.

12. This flower vase that looks more like a sketch than a real object.

13. This baker makes cakes with different pictures inside. These are just mouth-watering!

14. This cactus chair is not prickly, but actually looks pretty comfy.

15. Let the mighty gorilla make a salad for you.

16. Washi tape that looks like sushi rolls for true lovers of Asian cuisine

17. Sheep toilet paper holder

18. Hamster mochi pouches are totally not edible, but they are extremely adorable.

19. Why package pistachios in the form of... a pistachio?

20. “When your feet are cold and you wish you could slip them into warm loaves of bread:”

21. Lights in the form of birds create an atmosphere of coziness and make you feel like you are on vacation.

22. The top of the bread makes a perfect hat for a friendly gnome.

23. This wrap works as a protector for flowers and makes a perfect vase.

24. Small chairs with animal designs will become an interesting decoration for any child’s room.

25. This chewing gum packaging concept looks simple and clever.

Which design did you like the most? Have you seen other interesting design ideas that made you say “wow”? Let’s discuss everything in the comment section!

Preview photo credit pentawards / instagram


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That's a pretty cool cactus chair. I'd buy it for garden, it would look good tehere


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