25 Doctors Who Prove Medicine Is Nothing Without Humor

2 years ago

Being a doctor is an extremely important, responsible, and strict mission, but what should doctors do if apart from their medical qualifications, they have an admirable sense of humor? Of course, they should joke as much as they can in order to make their patients laugh away all their ailments and disorders. Physiologists and psychologists are unanimous in the opinion that laughter has a healing power over the human body and mind.

We at Bright Side have collected real-life scenes depicting the radiant humor of medical practitioners that could help anyone laugh their way back to good health.

1. As a real hygiene guru, please apply to both your kid’s hands and your pet’s under-tail area.

2. Just a poster at one of the local eye clinics

3.Vets who want to cheer you up

4. This is way too small to be the complete list of all the things that can kill you...

5. Just a painting on the wall in a room for colorectal examinations

6. These doctors won’t leave you unattended for sure.

7. “Where’s the stool-like ice cream?”

8. An inspirational ceiling in a gynecologist’s office

9. You’re free to choose any channel!

10. At least the children have to be supervised while watching.

11. Just in case you hesitate on which option to choose, please visit the Ulster Hospital in Belfast.

12. The spray a doctor gave to a little girl who was afraid to sleep

13. Is the doctor’s name Dino?

14. He has finally seen the point of life.

15. A nice present from a dentist

16. A trap for dental patients that also serves as a party room for ants

17. Being a good doctor means being ready to deliver a baby on Halloween.

18. Veterinarian doctors also have a sense of humor.

19. “Thank you, doc. I’d better pass by on foot.”

20. Enjoy your Christmas!

21. A toy offered to the kids at a dental clinic, probably to make them jealous of that frog’s teeth...

22. Ho ho hospital

23. With a brain scan, this report isn’t all that funny...

24. Has he just prescribed chicken soup to the whole crowd?

25. A piece of advice for fans of self-diagnosis

Which of these photos had you roaring? Have you ever witnessed elegant, sharp-witted medical humor? Please share your stories in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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I really like number 12! What a funny way to help out that little kid ?


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