25 Examples of Street Art That Can Shake Up Any Urban Scene

5 years ago

Banksy shredded his painting Balloon Girl after it was sold at auction. There is a form of art that is even easier to ruin called street art. Graffiti is painted over and washed off the walls. Some even call street artists vandals. But some of these works are so amazing that no one would dare destroy or raise a hand to them.

Bright Side collected 25 pieces of artwork that add bright colors to the city streets.

25. Welcome!

24. Some extra light

23. Wow! A visual delusion...

22. Scary for drivers and pedestrians...

21. Love rhythm

20. We are all children.

19. Double trouble

18. Legos are better than this concrete.

17. “Tiny people”

16. Is it real?

15. Remember the King of Pop.

14. “I want it on my wall!”

13. Crocodiles are in the city!

12. Master chameleon

11. A train or a piece of art?

10. Looks like a marionette dance!

9. Is it the moon?

8. Bike or horse? That is the question...

7. Poor Yorick!

6. Remembering a comedy legend

5. “Hey, can I mess with you girls?”

4. Perfect truck

3. “Attention! Good dog!”

2. “What soft grass they have here!”

1. “Hi folks, I’m just a girl.”

Which artwork did you like the most? Who is your favorite street artist? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit streetartnews / Instagram


These pieces of art definitely brighten up a city. Don't you agree?

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