23 Mesmerizing Photos That Show the Charm of Men From the Previous Century Better Than Words

2 years ago

We recently wrote an article about the unique beauty of people that lived many years ago, and we showed their portraits as examples. Almost all of them were women. We think that that was probably a little bit unfair and decided to make a separate compilation with men.

Bright Side has searched through the entire internet and found photos of someone’s grandfather, great-grandfather, and even great-great-grandfather when they were young. Just look at these expressive faces. By the way, in the end, there is a bonus for you.

1. “My grandfather the day before he shipped out with the Marines, 1941”

2. “That strange feeling when you realize your great-grandfather was a hottie.”

3. “My great-granddad Magnus in 1912”

4. “My great-grandpa sometime in the mid-1940s”

5. “My grandpa in his prime, 1960s”

6. “My great-grandfather in his WWI uniform”

7. “My grandfather circa WWII. He watched Pearl Harbor happen in Hawaii and joined up. He surfed with legends in Honolulu.”

8. “My great-grandfather at 20 years old, 1936”

9. “My great-grandpa”

10. “My grandpa in his early twenties, probably 22, in 1955 or so!”

11. “My great-grandfather”

12. “My dad playing cards in the Air Force, 1960s”

13. “My grandfather when he played for the Oklahoma Sooners”

14. “My grandfather that looked a lot like my favorite pop singer John Newman”

15. “I had the most handsome grandfather.”

16. “My great-grandfather circa 1938”

17. “My great-grandpa, sometime in the 1940s. We never met, but I love you, gramps.”

18. “My grandfather back in the 1940s”

19. “My grandfather at age 19”

20. “My great-grandfather was a WWI flight instructor and I just found a photo of him.”

21. “My grandfather in 1952”

22. “My grandfather in Naval Flight School in 1956”

23. “My great-grandfather in his WWI uniform”

Bonus: “My grandad, age 8, dripping in finesse, circa 1941”

In the previous article, we asked our readers to tell us about their great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers and we had a lot of fun reading their stories and looking at their photos. You know what? We want more! If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time to share!

Preview photo credit aking25 / Reddit


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98% of these men are average. I don't get it. But you did manage to waste my time.


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