25 Photos of Irish Wolfhounds Proving That These Giants Are Fluffy Angels

4 years ago

Have you ever thought about getting an Irish Wolfhound? We are sure that many people will say “no” to this question. This breed is not as popular as a Husky or a Labrador Retriever. It also requires a lot of space. But a big dog means a big friend you’ll never feel bored with.

At Bright Side, we’re not encouraging you to go out and get an Irish Wolfhound right away. But who knows, maybe, after reading this article you’ll start dreaming about this kind and huge canine friend.

1. “One of these dogs has a clearly larger-than-life presence, whose mere physicality, elevated by an extreme amount of self-confidence, intimidates any would-be intruders and provides a sense of security for the entire household. The other one is an Irish Wolfhound.”

2. “This hunter of wolves needs a teddy bear to feel safe.”

3. This public transport enthusiast:

4. If you still can’t imagine how huge Irish Wolfhounds are, look at this photo.

5. “Sure, we all fit.”

6. Irish Wolfhounds make the best lap dogs ever.

7. This is what the most secure alarm system in the world looks like.

8. “A girl needs to be pampered sometimes.”

9. 2 subwoofers, one Irish Wolfhound:

10. “I told you the cat steals food. Are you going to believe me now that he eats a lot too?”

11. “My Irish Wolfhound giving a kiss to a judge during a dog show”

12. “I have a little brother to protect!”

13. “I guess I’ll sleep over here...”

14. “Yes, we’re comfortable like this.”

15. Are you one of those people who thinks Labrador Retrievers are big dogs? Think again.

16. “My 7-month-old Irish Wolfhound hates being held like a baby.”

17. My dog’s facial expression when I didn’t turn toward the dog park:

18. “It’s your turn to ride kids.”

19. The Irish Wolfhound is a perfect bed buddy.

20. “I’m just waiting for you to leave the room?”

21. “Can I have some of this yummy food? I won’t grow bigger, I promise.”

22. These Irish Wolfhounds love peanut butter. Can you guess what their master has just taken out of the fridge?

23. You can put their bowls on the table too. It’s even easier for them to eat like this.

24. Is he Irish? Definitely. Is he a Viking? Yeah, he looks like one.

25. You simply can’t resist these dogs. The Duchess of Cambridge couldn’t stay away either.

What do you think about Irish Wolfhounds? Would you have one at home?

Preview photo credit walterthewolfhound / Instagram


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Spay, Neuter, when breed age appropriate! TRAIN your best buddies and Absolutely YES... , "All dogs are angels, if you bring them up properly and treat them with love" and Respect!
Do you guys agree? :)


All dogs are angels, if you bring them up properly and treat them with love.
Do you guys agree? :)


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