25 Photos of Upside Down Dog Faces

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Our dogs help us to manage stress and significantly lower its levels. And they have quite a calming effect, even if we just scroll through funny pics on the internet. It simply increases levels of oxytocin (hormone of joy) and reduces cortisol, which makes us feel more relaxed. So every time you have any doubts about whether to read another article about our beloved canine friends, please don’t. Just relax and have a great time.

We at Bright Side have found some outstanding photos of doggos showing unbelievably hilarious faces. And this is just more proof they are the best, most hilarious remedy of all times.

1. What a weird dog. Looks like a vampire. We wonder what kind of dog is this.

2. “Dexter’s new thing is laying under the coffee table and just staring at us like this until we give him attention.”

3. Too much gravity for one Hummer. Interesting how this pup looks like he’s right side up.

4. “Showing you her teeffs. I love it when they do this. And she does this all the time because she loves belly rubs.”

5. White fluffy lovey upside down boy

6. “This is a great pic. There are just so many things you could say about this.”

7. The best doggos are the ones with a sparkle in their eye, a wink when you walk by, or a toothless smile saying you are doing just fine.

8. “Really changes the perspective. But I’m sure this dog’s a big sweetie.”

9. “My dog is the world’s cutest gremlin. He is super lazy though.”

10. Please don’t flip cute pictures like that.

11. “In a dream, I rule my life. Sleeping beauty is my wife.”

12. Pretending to be a bat. This dog loves to be like that.

13. Lying upside down and charming everyone around him.

14. Vampire doggo. What sweet sorcery this is.

15. “Smiles for my human. Very photogenic.”

16. “All it takes are some good ol’ scritchies to activate Belle.”

17. “If you take out the background, he is a flying doggo.”

18. “The face my dog makes. The neck rolls are glorious.”

19. “My parent’s bulldog makes the same face. What a face!”

20. Just turning the world on its head to have the best view and a myriad of new feelings and emotions.

21. “That Basset Hound smile. When gravity attacks.”

22. “My old dog used to sleep like that all the time.”

23. “When you feel a sneeze coming on.”

24. “When you turn the picture upside down, your dog looks like she’s smiling for her school picture.”

25. Magnificent in every way. Clearly, his smile is some sort of superpower.

What was the last time any pet made you laugh out loud? Do you have any photos, so you can share these bright emotions with us all?


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