25 Pics That Prove the World Is Full of Surprises

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When you think nothing can surprise you anymore, you might be wrong. Strange things happen in the world all the time, and Redditors took it upon themselves to capture the exact moments when they happened and share those pictures with the world.

1. “On 11th November at 11:11 AM, I had a heart rate of 111!”

2. Is it a bird? No, it’s a plane crossing Mercury.

3. This is what wool looks like before it becomes a sweater.

4. Giant ice cream is raining from the sky today.

5. Apparently, Frozen’s Elsa slid down this slide and left behind a nice decoration.

6. A house and a mini-house... Wait! It’s a mailbox.

7. “A mirror and an open window to a parking lot cause this illusion.”

8. With a “forest” of moss on its back.

9. The largest basil leaf in the world.

10. “A leaf froze onto the windshield of my car.”

11. “The cat on the cat treat bag looks exactly like my cat.”

12. Dark shadow produced by the sun through these ceiling fixtures.

13. The perfect angle

14. “Wagon wheel with the Harvest of a small German Town for Thanksgiving.”

15. “The perfect circles this leaf made in the snow.”

16. Half in autumn, half in winter. Make up your mind, tree!

17. German spa has the world’s largest rock crystal (7.5 tons) at the reception desk.

18. “This typewriter with separate keys for uppercase and lowercase letters.”

19. Grass that looks like wallpaper.

20. One potato chip is almost as big as the package.

21. Does the woman have a real cat in her backpack?

22. Life makes its way ... down the sink.

23. How ice forms inside a truck wheel.

24. A mutant lemon

25. In Pittsburgh, the river has two colors.

What about you? Do you still think there’s nothing interesting going on in the world? Do you have your camera ready to immortalize the unique moments unfolding around you? Be sure to share your thoughts with us!


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