25 Things That Prove There’s No Country Like Singapore

4 years ago

Singapore is truly a place that is unlike any other country in the world. For example, if you decide to feed a pidgeon, you will have to pay a $500 fine. And there’s so much more that can surprise and fascinate you there. Like a 4-story playground in a mall or a robot that collects dirty dishes in food courts!

Bright Side has found some things that prove Singapore is truly one of a kind. You might even feel an urge to pack your bags and go there immediately!

1. Elderly and disabled pedestrians can tap their smart card to have more time at the pedestrian crossing.

2. A salmon vending machine

3. “What not to do in Singapore and the fines for them, found in today’s newspaper...”

4. A slide to go to the boarding gate

5. “This mall has a canal that you can ride a boat in.”

6. “People line up in an orderly fashion to get on the subway during rush hour.”

7. “Changi Airport has robot floor cleaners in the arrival hall.”

8. Curved escalators

9. “Restrooms in Singapore Changi Airport have sinks for kids.”

10. “New public buses come with USB charging points to charge your phone while commuting.”

11. “In Tampines MRT in Singapore, if you do 20 squats, you get a free ride!”

12. Supermarkets use digital price tags.

13. “ATMs give you an interesting quote while you wait.”

14. “My neighborhood has an umbrella sharing project.”

15. This walkway has traffic lights installed on the ground for people using their phones.

16. These phone chargers in the Singapore airport require you to pedal.

17. Singapore has a contingency plan for students who are late to exams due to train disruptions.

18. “I quite literally had an ice cream sandwich in Singapore today.”

19. “This hotel has a complimentary smartphone to use around Singapore with unlimited calls and data.”

20. Tray-return robots that patrol around the food court

21. Bus stop health education

22. This special assistance feature at a supermarket

23. “The hotel I stayed at had lockers in the lobby to charge your phone.”

24. Free movies at a public area in Terminal 3, Changi Airport

25. In this mall, children can play jungle gym style games throughout 4 floors.

Which thing did you find to be the coolest? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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As I live near Singapore and always been there.. I can confirm that it is a dream country but the living cost are quite high. Some of things in this posts are not new though.


I would like to visit this country, seems to be really cool :)


I have to admit that the city is beautiful, modern, very clean, and everything looks neat and tidy. But what I think they lack most is sincerity. When I was in the subways, all I see is everyone who looks tired, indifferent, and a bit sad. In the first day, I thought they're tired since it's was dawn. But in the following morning, and in the lunchtime after it, and in the dawn after it, I saw the same pattern: the locals who look like they are in constant burden despite of their trendy outfits, expensive gadgets in their hands and branded bags. Of all the people in the subways, those who laugh or smile broadly are mostly tourist.

When I was in the mall, the salesgirls serve with no enthusiasm. Plain robotic, yet obviously they pretend to be nice and caring. But I have been living long enough to detect insincerity in them. You can feel when people treat you without sincerity, the body language never lies.

At the end of a week-long stay in Singapore, I couldn't wait to go home, back to my country where finding people who smile and look happy is not very difficult.

So yeah, I'm not very impressed with the city. It's overrated.

It's very different from my experience in Japan, whose people are very nice and more sincere.

I don't think I would visit the city without human again. I think it's better to spend my holidays in England, Thailand (the people are very nice), Turkey, Japan or USA, or Bali. In my opinion, all beautiful buildings and landmarks can't beat simple warm and sincere smile from human. Bali doesn't have buildings that as spectacular as Singapore's, but the people are really nice, warm and I don't mind if I have to spend the rest of my live there.


I am quite offended by this statement because I am obviously Singaporean and we don't waste our time smiling at random people for no reason because we have better things to do. The simplest answer is usually the truth. And, I honestly think everything else makes up for it. Are you sincere?


We work to have money to eat. Like, seriously? Do you even know about Singapore? We are just a little island! We started from a jungle with people from all over asia that had little money! We got bullied by all the big countries! You try being all smiles under the heat of Singapore! The average temp here is around 30°C! And I'm not even talking about the humidity. Where are you even from? What makes you think you can belittle us just because that particular week you stayed here wasn't how everyone said it would be?!


the Netherlands also have such "charging bicycles" on the airports :)


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