25+ Tiny Tattoos That Are Wonderful Despite Their Size

4 years ago

Many people prefer tattoos that are big and flashy, and some even like to cover their entire bodies with them. But for others, there’s nothing more irresistible than a small, elegant work of art on their skin. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the tattoos you’ll see in this article prove it.

We at Bright Side compiled a list of small tattoos that can inspire you to decorate your body in a delicate and attractive way.

1. A kitten that will never leave your side

2. Tattoos that demonstrate your love for someone

3. Or phrases that remind you of who you are and what you’re worth

4. A tattoo in an unexpected place

5. Or a tattoo of your spirit animal

6. Something that reminds you to bloom like a flower every morning

7. You can have the infinite magnitude of the universe on your skin...

8. Or a planet or star that you like most!

9. It’s a perfect way to show your creativity.

10. You can sail the seas in a tiny paper boat.

11. Or travel across the sky in a paper plane!

12. Get a tattoo of the things that mean the most to you.

13. It can be a simple yet elegant design.

14. A tiny ornament

15. Something beautiful and delicate

16. You can get inspiration from your favorite book...

17. Or be crowned with the greatness of a laurel wreath!

18. If you want to wear little works of art, try placing them on an interesting part of your body.

19. For the best results, look for an artist in your city who specializes in the type of tattoo you want.

20. It’s not a bad idea to bring a sketch to the tattoo artist and hear their suggestions and advice before making a decision.

21. The artist is likely to improve the design and surprise you with something even more beautiful.

22. When you see the needle, remember to take a deep breath. It may hurt a little, but the result will be worth the pain.

23. You’ll be a different person with a mark that will identify you forever.

24. Don’t forget to apply a healing ointment to your new tattoo. Your skin is your canvas, so you must protect it as if it was a work of art.

25. After all, you’ll be able to enjoy this little masterpiece every single day.

26. At coffee time

27. Or in the comfort of your own home

28. It can help you embrace your “imperfections.”

29. After all, sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts.

Do you prefer small or big tattoos? Do you have any? Tell us in the comment section!

Preview photo credit laramaju / Instagram


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