29 Hilarious Photos Proving Cats Are Brilliant Actors

4 years ago

There are 3 things we could watch forever: fire, water, and photos of cats, of course! It’s not surprising since our 4-legged friends are incredibly talented actors who are able to show a wide range of emotions.

Bright Side has collected 29 photos proving cats can easily compete with the best Hollywood actors.

How to show hopelessness:

True royalty

“I need to find a woman who looks at me the way my cat does.”

50 shades of contempt

Cats play crazy characters just perfectly.

They’re also good at being Buddha.

They easily become the poorest creatures in the world.

Sometimes they show innocence and purity.

100% match

When you like to test your limits:

Love is gone...

Do you see deep remorse in their eyes?

When you understand that something won’t work but still try:

Tenderness and love

The most important role is that of a caring mother.

When you’re 27 and still live with your parents:

Nothing can stop them.

When a cat wants people’s attention:

Seeing a sphynx for the first time:

At a thriller audition

Another thriller star

“Let me in, please.”

Bewitched, Chapter I

If you fail as an actor, your fashion face will help you become a model.

True desperation

“Pretend you’re thoughtful.”

Every single actor wants to play Hamlet. “To be or not to be?”

Some actors want to play Jon Snow.

When you finally want to watch a film you’re starring in, but all the scenes you’re in have been deleted:

Do you also have a 4-legged “actor”? Share some pictures with us!


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