30+ Photos Proving That Dogs Are the Cutest Things Alive

5 years ago

When we talk about ultimate cuteness, dogs are in second place when it comes to the world’s most admirable creatures. Their affection and playfulness, innocent eyes, and joyful smiles cannot leave us feeling indifferent. Today we’ve decided to prove that they could easily make it into first place if they weren’t too busy to conquering the world!

So, Bright Side has collected 33 pictures that will assure you of dogs’ infinite cuteness. We hope these babies will make your day better!

1. “Sunsets with my family are the best!”

2. “Look at this sleeping cutie! I can clearly see the heart his paws form together.”

3. “This plushy perfection makes me wanna hug her and never let go.”

4. High five to all the cuties over there!

5. When your love for the world is written on your face:

6. “Mom, tell her to give my stick back!”

7. Dreaming of underwater adventures...or a tasty meal?

8. “Morning! Where are my belly rubs?”

9. Always ready to explore new places!

10. “Oh man, this is better than all the bones in the world.”

11. “Hmm, so what’s this furry stuff?”

12. “Mom, I’m a big boy now! I can walk on my own!”

13. “Don’t move! I wanna watch my dreams.”

14. “Too tired to control my face...”

15. “Yes, this is the comfiest pose ever! Wanna try it?”

16. “Ya-a-awn! Are we gonna play?”

17. “What? My booty is as perfect as I am.”

18. Family naps are cute, aren’t they?

19. “Did you just call me adorable?”

20. “It’s warmer with a friend.”

21. “Look what these dentists did to me!”

22. “We’re 2 halves of the same heart.”

23. These are the most photogenic pups ever!

24. “This is how I see my dog when I need to go to work in the morning.”

25. Nothing better than sleepy hugs!

26. “Hehe, we’re going on vacation! Who’s the happiest pup now?”

27. “Mommm, can we stay here a little longer?”

28. “Did I repeat the pattern correctly?”

29. Danger: high voltage!

30. “He’s so adorable, I thought he was a plush toy.”

31. “A treat? For me?!”

32. — “They’ll kill us.”


— “Yeah, they will.”

33. “Hi! I’m soooo happy to see you!”

Which pic seemed the most adorable to you? Or were you not impressed because you believe kitties are the best? Maybe you like exotic cuties? Tell us in the comments!


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Puppies are super cute :) However, you only learn what your dog is like when he/she grows up and shows the character and typical behavior.


Dogs aren't exactly my thing but these kinds of pictures make me change my mind lol


Personally i like dogs more than cats cause they're so happy and you're getting happier with them. And i have a cat by the way..)


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