30 Photos That Prove There’s Nothing More Exciting Than Life With a Pet

4 years ago

When you have a pet at your house, your life changes, whether you like it or not. You can forget about loneliness forever, even if you really need it sometimes. Your pet will get offended every time you leave for work, but then it will welcome you when you return home. And they can even be jealous and want to check our phones.

Bright Side has collected 30 photos that have discovered the truth about the relationship between people and pets.

A stray cat wandered into a police station, posed for a selfie, and got adopted.

“Never owned a dog in my life, but got this little gal a few weeks ago. And I have to admit... She is pretty adorable.”

How can you not let him sleep with you?

“Grammy always said she wanted a lap dog.”

“My dad was super against me getting a cat. Now he does this every morning.”

“Here’s my boy trying to get a taste of my dad’s dinner.”

“Study buddy! He is doing much better in this subject.”

24/7 means everywhere and all the time.

“My dad and his ‘step-cat’ watching YouTube”

“Every time I visit my mom’s house this good old boy plops himself in my lap, no exceptions.”

Some people like hot chocolate while others stay warm with a chocolate lab.

“Paz was way too content just floating around with me.”

“This person tried to unlock your phone.”

“Charo is an independent dog who ’don’t need no human’ to walk him.”

“Vader faked a limp so he could go to his favorite place, the vet! The puppy police put up his mugshot.”

“I farted and my dog moved to the far side of the sofa and has been looking at me like this ever since.”

“I pass this cat every day on the way to work. Here she is complaining that I didn’t bring treats today.”

“This old girl blocks the door from closing and makes me feel guilty when I leave for work.”

“She likes to be held like this every day when I get home from work.”

“She meows until I let her do this.”

“My pup cries every night before bed until she’s tucked in like this.”

“This is how I wake up every morning.”

Waiting for food

“If I ever get out of solitary... You’re in trouble!”

“Caught the cat trying to snuff out my brother. Almost a success... Next time little guy.”

“How could you?”

“My dog thinks my daughter is his baby. They love each other so much. This is how they fell asleep yesterday during nap time.”

“Hey kiddo, don’t catch a cold.”

Awesome tattoo

Pure happiness!

Bonus: This explains why we also want to be a cat or a dog sometimes.

What kind of relationship do you have with your pet? Or are you just planning to get one?


I don't agree. You may be their sugar daddy but in return you get unconditional love and lots of it.

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