30+ Striking Photos That Show How Gorgeous Our Grandparents Were

4 years ago

In Ray Bradbury`s Dandelion Wine a little girl asked a 72-year-old lady, “You weren`t ever young, were you?” Most of us can probably understand why she asked that question. Ever since we were children we remember our grandparents looking old, so sometimes we forget that they used to be young and full of energy just like us and were preoccupied with problems similar to ours.

Bright Side would like to pay tribute to all the wonderful grandmas and grandpas out there and share some photos that might inspire you to talk to your grandparents about their youth and become closer to them.

1. “My grandparents in 1948. He fought in WWII, did flying trapeze, and later became a clown. She was an aerialist and showgirl and later became a realtor and landlord.”

2. “My great-grandfather during WWI, looking like he just dropped the hottest album of 1918.”

3. “Here are my grandparents, Gilberto & Carmen Irma, looking like babes!”

4. “My grandmother at the Taj Mahal in the 1950s. Check out the reflection in her sunglasses!”

5. “My grandparents rocking badass shades on sand dunes around Kitty Hawk, NC in the 1930s.”

6. “My very cool grandpa in the 1950s holding a fish, smoking a cigarette, with a book tucked into his pants, and cigarette pack in his sleeve.”

7. “My granny — nicknamed Kidd — wasn’t allowed to join the Air Force because she was a woman. So she taught young men to fly in Stephenville, TX during WWII — 1940s.”

8. “My wife’s grandfather and grandmother on the beach back in the 40s.”

9. “My grandfather competing in motorcycle trials in 1947”

10. “My favorite photo ever taken is one of my grandparents in their youth.”

11. “My grandfather in Chihuahua, Mexico being a badass cowboy, circa the 1960s”

12. “My grandparents circa 1960”

13. “My grandmother on a motorcycle (1930s). She raised 3 boys on her own.”

14. “My badass, totally jacked great-grandfather pumping out some push-ups back in 1914.”

15. “My friend’s grandparents, California 1940s”

16. “My great-grandma, around 1935-40, served as a nurse during WWII.”

17. “Awesome pic of my grandfather who was a Golden Gloves champion boxer (pic circa 1936, Brooklyn, N.Y.)”

18. “My grandparents listening to the radio being all cute in 1958.”

19. “My badass of a great-grandmother in the 50s-60s: You can just feel her confidence and strength in this!”

20. “Here’s my grandpa with a baby bear he rescued while on a job as a forest firefighter in the 1970s.”

21. “This is my Nana, putting all her sass into that walk, in her hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. I think she must have been between 15 and 17 years old here.”

22. “My great-grandfather, an Australian sailor on duty in Malta circa WWII”

23. “My grandfather on my grandmother’s shoulders, sometime in the 1940s”

24. “My grandfather in the 1950s looking after a rescued baby kangaroo and sporting a broken arm after playing rugby against France.”

25. “My grandmother on the family boat (I think) in the early 50s”

26. “My grandfather was an NYPD detective in the 1930s. Kicked ass and looked sharp doing it.”

27. “My sweet & funny grandma”

28. “My grandfather — ever so stylish — in Monte Carlo in the 1930s”

29. “My stunning grandparents”

30. “I recently lost my grandmother to cancer. This will always be one of my favorite photos of her.”

31. “My grandparents circa the 1950s. They never had much money and would throw parties where they made fun of rich people.”

32. “My grandmother had a pet pigeon named Gwendalyn.”

33. “My favorite photo of my grandparents, who shared a fairytale love for ~ 60 years, was taken in 1953.”

Can you tell us any fascinating stories about your grandparents or show us any awesome photos of them when they were young? Please share your thoughts and pictures in the comments!


Our grannies and granddads managed to stay so gorgeous and fit without all these cosmetic products and sport gyms. I still wonder, how?

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