5 Laundry Secrets Shared By 5-Star Hotels

9 months ago

Bright Side has recently learned some little-known yet effective tips that help hotel laundry workers achieve outstanding washing results. Today we gladly share them with our readers!

Loading the washing machine

The ideal option is to load the machine to 80% of its capacity. If you put in too much linen, it won’t be washed properly. If, on the other hand, you put too few items into the machine, they might suffer damage.

Water temperature

A temperature of 104-140°F is considered optimal for disinfecting linen and removing dirt. Washing in cold water doesn’t destroy the bacteria and dust mites on bedsheets and towels, while hot water can damage the fabrics.

Washing aids

Conditioners tend to build up in fabric and eventually make towels rigid. To avoid this problem, hotel workers use white vinegar. Simply add 3 oz during rinsing to make the linen soft and remove traces of powder.

Removing stains

  • To get rid of fresh oil stains, sprinkle them with sweetener or starch. Then simply wash the item.
  • Traces of tomato juice or sauce can be easily removed with a few drops of WD-40. Apply it to the stain, and leave for 5-10 minutes. Then wash the item in cold water.
  • To eliminate sweat stains from white items, use a prewash with any washing agent at 104°F. Then run a wash cycle with bleach.
  • To remove coffee and wine stains, soak the clothes in a water and salt solution (1 tablespoon per 34 oz of water) for an hour. Then wash the items.
  • Use baking soda to get rid of yellowing on white clothes and remove unpleasant smells. Add half a measuring cup of baking soda to the washing powder or household soap, and wash the items in hot water.


Experts recommend that you dry your washing outdoors, exposing it to sunlight. If you have to use the dryer, put a tennis ball inside the drum to make your towels soft and fluffy.

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