5 Reasons Why Indians Use an Ancient Nasal Treatment

2 years ago

Nasya is an ancient Indian way of body cleansing through the nose with natural herbs and oils. Nasal treatments can be one of the effective ways to heal a person nowadays, studies say. It’s not used very often around the world, but Indians have their own secrets of why they practice it.

We at Bright Side discovered how exactly nasal treatment can help our bodies and share 5 Indian secrets. Please, consult with your doctor if you would like to try it.

1. Treating early greying of hair

The oils used for Nasya therapy has a positive effect on the venous and nervous system. It relieves the blockage of the channels. As a result, it also had a large impact on the greying of hair and its quality in general.

2. Treating insomnia

Insomnia is often treated with sedatives. Nasya offers another natural way of treating this problem. Researchers say that it’s highly effective in inducing a good quality of sleep. Patients who had trouble staying awake while driving or engaging in social activity during the daytime showed remarkable improvement on this parameter.

3. Treating stress and anxiety

Nasya is found to be highly significant for treating anxiety, muscle tension, and stress. The mind and body are connected. By relaxing the body, nasal therapy helps to treat anxiety and improves your mood and perception.

4. Treating chronic sinusitis

Changing lifestyles and increased pollution can affect our health in a negative way. A study says that patients had relief in signs and symptoms of sinusitis after Nasya therapy. X-rays showed highly significant results in both frontal sinuses.

5. Treating allergies

After Nasya therapy, a protective layer forms as a barrier on the surface of the nasal mucosa. The allergens no longer come in contact with the nasal cells and don’t trigger allergy symptoms.

Have you ever tried Nasya therapy? What oils and herbs do you use to take care of your health?

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