5 Ways Our Pets Make Us Healthier

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Thanks to pets, our physical health can improve significantly. Owning a pet and spending quality time with it can have a huge impact. For many people, getting a pet has changed their lives. And because lots of people reported that they feel healthier and more energized thanks to their dog, cat, or other pets, scientists backed up these claims with research.

Bright Side is sharing some important research points that will most likely be of interest to you since they prove how pets can have a significant and positive impact on your life.

Pet owners have lower blood pressure.

People with pets might have significantly lower blood pressure and a healthier heart. In fact, scientists tested thousands of people and found that those who own pets have improved blood pressure.

Dogs have an impact on cholesterol levels.

While pets can lower one’s blood pressure, lipid levels aren’t really affected by pets. However, there are still people who’ve seen benefits in total cholesterol levels — like men who own dogs, for example. Additionally, adults that are 60 years old or older have significantly lower triglycerides compared to those who don’t have a pet.

Increased physical activity

While all pets play an important role in our physical activity, dogs take first place. They influence our daily activity needs. In fact, more than half of people who have dogs are more likely to reach the recommended daily activity levels.

Pets help us make new friends.

Companion pets, like rabbits, cats, dogs, and lizards, all have a significant influence on our social life. Even a simple question like, “What kind of pet do you have?” has the power to connect people and create new friendships. In addition, people who have a dog will likely meet and chat with their neighbors.

Pets help children with low self-esteem.

Children who grow up with pets are less likely to have low self-esteem. In fact, there are many different emotional health benefits. Pets even help to cope with feelings of loneliness, and in some cases anxiety, and depression at a young age.

Bonus: Pets always bring happiness and contentment.

Do you have a pet? Have you noticed any positive health changes thanks to having them around?


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