6 Cool Things Evolution Has Probably Prepared for Us

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Evolution, as we all probably know, is the change of attributes and features of a species over a long period of time. Everything around us evolves steadily, no matter what it is. Our shape, body parts, and measurements have all transformed, including our DNA, and it all gradually gave us new features. Since we are aware of how we’ve evolved from the past, there are some new theories that indicate how we might look in the future.

We at Bright Side love to look into what natural selection has in store for us, so we gathered 6 curious points based on research that specify how we might turn out in the future.

1. We might become venomous.

As humans, we created tools to protect ourselves from danger, so being venomous wasn’t in our top priority list. However, we have all the necessary resources to actually create venom, since it is placed within our genomes, and it’s up to evolution to make it really happen — venoms are made from toxins, and toxins are made from proteins, which come from our saliva.

We all have our own version of genes in our saliva that have similar patterns to the ones poisonous snakes have. So, unless we live under bad conditions in the future, like not being able to get food or choose partners, our venoms might not get activated.

2. The evolution of technology can make it possible to change physical features.

Today, it’s easy to have access to all kinds of surgery when it comes to appearance, but in the future we might be able to improve ourselves in much better ways, like having artificial eyes with cameras in them to differentiate colors and look at pictures in a clearer way. We might also be capable of changing up genes of an embryo, and alternate a baby’s features while it is in the stomach — making it look how we want.

3. Cloning extinct species and Neanderthal might be possible.

If you have ever watched the movie Jurassic Park, you might be surprised that it can be possible to bring back extinct species if we really wanted to, but only if there was living tissue coming from that species that scientists found. For example, a small part of a mammoth’s DNA has been found in an elephant, and it could be possible to bring it back today.

Cloning a Neanderthal might be possible as well, and it could start with a cell from us humans. Scientists would then make changes to this DNA from humans to match according to a Neanderthal’s.

4. Our thumbs might evolve to be bigger.

Many of us use smartphones in the modern world, and it’s only natural that some of our features might evolve more accordingly, like our thumbs. Even the younger generations are beginning to use pencil and paper less in schools, and are incorporating technological devices in their education. Just as our past selves used arms and legs to climb up and down trees to gather food, our hands and thumbs may become more enlarged due to using mobile phones so frequently.

5. We might all become lactose tolerant.

Some people cannot drink the sugar based in milk because they cannot digest it properly, and this leads to bloating, cramps, and feeling sick. But others are able to drink milk freely without any issues because their DNA allows the lactase gene to run smoothly.

This evolutionary change happened long ago when we needed more vitamins in our bodies, and when water was dirty and the alternative drink was milk. So, our ability to digest milk probably is just proof that we are still evolving, and in the future, we might all be able to intake lactose and be tolerant to it.

6. We might evolve into 2 different species.

It is possible that we might evolve into different species in the future, however, some conditions would have to be met. Some of the population would have to be physically apart from the other and lose contact with each other. If both parts of the population were apart for about a million years, then there would probably be two different human species.

Were you surprised by the power of evolution and natural selection? Is there anything in particular that caught your attention?


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