19 Ordinary Things That Might Actually Be Dangerous

2 years ago

Not knowing some things can be very dangerous in your everyday life. For example, if you forget to throw away some rotten vegetables from your cellar, methane can build up there and make the space very dangerous. Twitter users talked about the things that look very safe, but in reality, they can lead to huge problems for people and their pets.

We at Bright Side really care about the safety of our readers and we hope this article makes your life even safer.

  • Receipts contain Bisphenol A. It is a pretty nasty chemical because its structure is similar to estrogen and it harms your entire endocrine system. And the scariest thing is that it can get into your body through your skin. Especially if your skin is wet. So, don’t touch receipts. © luizhekysaken

  • Don’t use a laser pointer to play with your cats. Cats are small predators and it is important for them to catch their prey. For housecats, it is very important to satisfy their hunting instincts. And red dots can’t be caught, so cats might develop apathy. © shatalyuga

  • Cheap sunglasses are worse than no sunglasses at all. They don’t block the UV-light, but they do block the visible region of the spectrum. So, the eye diaphragm is wide, as usual, when there is sunlight and the retina gets harmed by the UV light. In order to check and see if your glasses have the polarizing filter, you can look at an LCD screen and tilt your head. If you can’t see the picture in this position, your glasses are good. If nothing changes, it is better to get rid of them. © _de1337ed

  • Grapefruit contains chemicals that can slow down the work of some liver ferments. These same ferments are actually responsible for breaking down certain medications. This is why it is possible to overdose on some medications if you are also eating grapefruit while taking them, and the same thing applies to grapefruit juice. © Loly_girl

  • You shouldn’t use string to play with cats. You can do it, but only if you watch the cat closely. It looks pretty harmless, but if your cat swallows the thread and it gets stuck in its digestive system, only surgery can remove it. I speak from experience with my own cat. © Lana_Ipekakuana

  • If you add essential oils into an ultrasound air humidifier, the ultrasound membrane will break the oil down into very small particles and they can get into your lungs and form an oil film. There have even been deaths. The manufacturers of these devices always say that oils can’t be used, but they don’t explain why. © AndreyZinch
  • If you have cats in your apartment, you have to have the windows secured. You can’t assume: “My cat is smart, he always sits on the balcony and never tries to jump.” — this doesn’t work with animals — their brains work in a totally different way. © avtorkanegoduet
  • Foods with mold often contain aflatoxins. They won’t do much harm right now, but they might cause liver cancer in the future. So, throw away all foods that have mold (unless it’s cheese with a special non-toxic kind of mold). © Loly_girl
  • Flour can explode, especially if it is in the air. Oil can burn a lot. It is very dangerous to add water to a pan with hot oil. This will almost definitely lead to a fire© krlsrg
  • If the oil is on fire in a frying pan, don’t use water to put the fire out© aafin
  • I have a book about poisonous animals and plants, and do you know what the most non-obvious dangerous thing is? Apricots! The pits, especially when they are dry, cannot be eaten: they contain a lot of hydrogen cyanide© donanjou
  • This seems like a totally obvious thing, but it’s not: a mosquito net can’t support the weight of a child, and children can quickly get on a windowsill and lean on the net. Use special locks on your windows. © Lana_Ipekakuana
  • Pills without a special line shouldn’t be split into pieces because the active substance in them may be distributed unevenly. It means you don’t know the concentration you will take and if you are taking enough or too much. © silenceinworld
  • Never bring lilies into homes with cats: their pollen is lethal. © pffully
  • Taking pills with anything but water is dangerous. You can’t possibly know how any other liquid will react with the active substance and if you don’t drink water with a pill, it might get stuck in the esophagus and cause a chemical burn. © silenceinworld
  • An airbag without a seatbelt won’t work and is more likely to kill you rather than save you. It works great with seatbelts, though. © nichegoneviidet
  • Don’t go to wells or deep pits. This is not obvious, but it is very dangerous. There can be some dangerous gases around these things. © neo_los
  • Before doing something you think is cool, you should watch YouTube and see what can happen to you. © Loly_girl

What advice would you add to this list?

Please note: This article was updated in August 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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I think some of these are not actually dangerous but the person just was sick or something


I have a cook chef and he told me about the frying pan and the oil in fire. I'm terrible at cooking and of course, it happened to me once...


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