6 Ways You Might Be Damaging Your Hair While You Sleep

2 years ago

If your hair is dry or color-treated, you probably take special caution to make sure you avoid any further damage. But caring for your strands goes way beyond using the right shampoo and avoiding hot styling tools. As it turns out, there’s plenty you can do to protect your hair while you’re sleeping, as all that tossing and turning at night might be damaging your locks more than you think.

Here at Bright Side, we believe your hair needs beauty sleep just as much as your skin does. And we gathered some seemingly harmless mistakes you might be making that are keeping your hair from looking its best.

1. You’re going to bed with damp hair.

Some days, you barely have the energy to remove your makeup, let alone dry your hair, and we totally understand it. But apart from waking up with a kinked bedhead, sleeping with wet hair can cause some serious damage. Wet hair is very fragile, and all the tossing and turning at night could damage your strands and cause breakage and splitting. It’s better to wash your hair a few hours before bedtime or use a heat protectant and dry it with a hairdryer.

2. You sleep with your hair up in a bun.

If you have long hair, then nothing seems more convenient than to tie it in a ponytail or a bun before going to bed. But not giving your hair a break from tight hairstyles overnight may weaken your locks and even lead to hair loss in the long run. To give your scalp much-needed recovery time at night, leave your hair loose before sleep, and never tie a tight bun when your strands are wet.

3. Swap your cotton pillowcase out for a silk one.

Ditching your old cotton pillowcase and investing in a quality silk one is more than just a luxurious element you can add to your nightly routine. Cotton tends to be rough on your hair and prevents it from sliding around easily, which can eventually lead to tangled, dry, and frizzy hair. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help you keep your hairstyle from getting messed up at night and will benefit not only your hair but your skin as well.

4. You’re not brushing your hair before sleep.

You probably spend quite a lot of time each morning making sure your hair looks perfect, but brushing it thoroughly before you hit the hay can actually help you avoid all the knots and tangles come morning. Brushing helps evenly distribute the natural oils your scalp produces from the roots to the ends, keeping your hair shiny and preventing breakage.

5. You never braid your hair before going to bed.

While your curling iron can help you make gorgeous beachy waves in no time, getting creative and using heat-free styling options will help your hair stay healthy and well hydrated. Making a loose braid before sleep and applying some leave-in hair care products is the easiest way to wake up with beautiful curls. In fact, sleeping with braids is one of the secrets Indian women use to keep their hair long, shiny, and healthy. Wearing this protective hairstyle to sleep might prevent split ends, strengthen your hair, and help it grow faster.

6. You’re skimping on hair oils.

Just like our skin, our hair also regenerates while we sleep, and we can make the most of those hours with some simple overnight treatments. Applying hair oils overnight at least twice a week, the night before you plan to wash your hair, is a great way to strengthen your locks and boost its health. If leaving oil on overnight seems a bit much, simply apply it an hour before you take a shower and wrap your head with a hot towel to make sure it absorbs well.

Does your hair look tangled when you wake up? Do you know any hair care hacks you can share with other Bright Siders?


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