7 Halloween Decorations That Will Turn Your House Into a Spooky Castle

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Halloween is coming up, and it’s time to think about decorations that will add up to the festive mood of this spooky holiday. Amazon is a good place to satisfy your Halloween needs because you can find all sorts of outdoor and indoor decorations, from giant spiders that climb down your walls to cute and clumsy witches that crash on your porch or trees.

We at Bright Side searched Amazon and came across 7 brilliant Halloween decorations that will make your house the spookiest in the neighborhood this season!

1. Tree wrap ghost decoration with a friendly smiling face that will look great on your front yard trees this Halloween. The classic white ghost shape will attract the attention of your guests and neighbors and turn your house into a local spooky landmark.

Its metal arms and body make this ghost decoration adjustable and versatile. You can easily wrap it around trees, pillars, or porches. The waterproof polyester fabric that the decoration is made of makes this ghost durable and suitable for outdoor usage.

Promising review: We are so happy with our ghost! It looks great, and it’s easy to adapt and move around. My son is already having lots of fun with it. We can’t wait to put it on the window for Halloween! @Lucy

Buy the ghost decoration HERE

Fun fact: The most popular Halloween costume among children is Spider-Man. It’s followed by costumes of kids’ favorite princesses, Batman, and other superheroes. Most adults that participated in the survey prefer to dress like witches. Other popular adult Halloween costumes are a vampire, a ghost, a cat, and a pirate.

2. Spider web decoration with a giant spider that will look truly breathtaking and scary climbing down your house walls. The spider’s body is covered with black fur, and its eyes glow red for a creepier effect. Make your guests scream when they enter your haunted house!

The web can be easily installed on your house walls, trees, or other places, and the spider’s legs can be folded in any direction. The set also includes 30 small spiders that will help you finish up the spooky scene and make it even more impressive.

Promising review: Product was really large and impactful. The spider was big and attached really easily. It stood up well to high winds and rain. Really great value for money. I would definitely recommend. @Mrs D

Buy the spider web decoration HERE

3. Halloween lights made in the shape of pumpkin lanterns of saturated orange color. These battery-powered string lights will brighten up your house and add to the Halloween atmosphere. If you don’t plan to display a carved pumpkin this season, these lights can be the perfect replacement!

The set includes 10 fabric pumpkin lanterns powered by 2 AA batteries. The lights are easy to assemble and disassemble and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, the battery box is not waterproof and needs to be kept away from moisture.

Promising review: I absolutely love these Halloween lanterns. They come in a little box, and you have to put them together yourself, but this only takes a few minutes, and you can also disassemble them, so you can put them away again when not in use. They are a decent size and look great. Can’t wait to put them up at Halloween. @Jacqueline

Buy the Halloween lights HERE

Fun fact: Originally, people carved turnips for Halloween, not pumpkins. This tradition originated in the British Isles, where people placed candles inside carved turnips to keep the evil spirits away. Sometimes, beets, potatoes, and radishes were also used for carving.

4. Skeleton window stickers that will make your kids more involved in house decorating, thanks to their funny designs. They are big and contrasting enough to be noticed but will not cover your windows completely, letting the sunlight in.

These stickers can be attached to glass, mirrors, and some types of plastic and metal. They stay on without any adhesives and can be stored and reused later. The decorations placed on the window can be seen from both inside and outside.

Promising review: These are amazing! My 5-year-old picked them, and I wasn’t so keen, but they arrived promptly and exceeded the description. She spent all afternoon putting them together, and they’re so creepy. She also managed to put one on the glass balustrade next to the staircase, so I not only have the creepy skeleton grinning at me, but he’s also reflected on the wall behind! @Rachel McEwan

Buy the skeleton window stickers HERE

5. Fake skeleton head and hands set that is just perfect for creating the ultimate impression of the haunted house. It is made of durable plastic and can be used in your yard during many Halloween seasons. That’s pure horror on your lawn!

You can easily insert this skeleton calling for help into the ground and surprise your guests with an unexpected view. This decoration can be the highlight of your Halloween setup this season.

Promising review: This kit looks the business and sticks easily into the ground. Ultra-lightweight but sturdy enough. It should prove a great addition to my pumpkins and lights this Halloween. @SwereValleyLookOut

Buy the fake skeleton head and hands set HERE

Fun fact: Halloween postcards were a thing in the early 1900s. It’s hard to imagine, but just like we exchange Christmas and birthday cards today, people used to send each other Halloween cards back in those days. Those cards would typically depict spooky scenes with witches, pumpkins, and goblins.

6. Large crashing witch doll that can look perfect on your tree or porch. Like a “classic” witch, this doll wears a pointed hat and striped stockings and has long silver hair. A scarecrow-style broom is also included!

This big Halloween witch will surely attract the attention of your friends and neighbors and can make your house stand out this season. Durable fabrics and strong stitches guarantee that you can reuse this witch as long as you want.

Promising reviews: Fantastic Halloween decoration! Very well-made, good value for money. @Debbie Tolley

She’s fab! Can’t wait to attach to my tree this weekend. @Welshjo

Buy the crashing witch doll HERE

7. Witch’s cauldron oil burner that will fill your home with your favorite scent while doubling as a spooky piece of interior decor. It can be a nice gift for fans of witches and a perfect Halloween decoration for your house.

After you’ve decorated your yard and porch, it’s time to think of indoor decorations, and this black hanging cauldron can be the perfect Halloween choice. Fill it with your favorite fragrance and enjoy the wonderful aroma. The spooky shape will spice up your interior and add up to the festive mood.

Promising reviews: Really pleased with this, so bought another one for myself and two for my daughter. Have had many compliments on them. Would highly recommend to everyone. @Shelly

I love this adorable little thing! It’s perfect for essential oil burning as well as being a cute accessory. Make sure not to light a candle under it if there is no oil. It might let off a burning smell. But that’s just the leftover oil. @Morrie Waterson

Buy the cauldron oil burner HERE

Fun fact: The most popular Halloween candies among Americans are:

1. M&Ms (original)

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

3. Kit Kat

4. Peanut M&Ms

5. Butterfinger

Will you celebrate Halloween this season? How will you decorate your house?

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