13 Celebrities Who Have an Exotic Pet as Part of Their Family

4 years ago

All those who have a pet at home raise your hands! If you raised yours, congratulations! An animal always brings joy and tenderness. Fortunately, many celebrities love their pets and love to share photos of them on their social networks. And of course, you’re undoubtedly thinking of cats or dogs, or maybe even a hamster. But no. We’re talking about celebrities who’ve adopted animals as extravagant as they are, but no less charming.

At Bright Side we love animals as much as you do! So we want to share with you some images of celebrities with the exotic pets they once had or still have today.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his meal with a donkey and a pony.

The actor and former governor shared a funny video, where he is seen inviting his pet donkey Lulu and pony Whiskey to share a little food, on his Instagram account. The cute animals live with him and his dog, Cherry.

2. Mayim Bialik adopted a Peterbald cat.

Having a cat as a pet is not out of the ordinary, as long as it’s not an exotic breed like a Peterbald. What’s so strange about these cats? Their absence of hair. Actually, though, they have an almost invisible fluff on them that makes them very, very soft. Some people dislike their appearance, but they’re really just like any other cat.

3. Salma Hayek with her hairdressing owl

Singing birds are often found in homes as pets, and so are pigeons. However, actress Salma Hayek has a gorgeous gray owl in her house who seems to love playing with her hair.

4. Jennifer Garner celebrated her chickens’ first birthdays.

Chickens are not just farm animals, and having one or more at home is a true adventure. If you don’t believe us, just ask Jennifer Garner, who saw hers give birth and even celebrated their birthdays!

5. Tori Spelling has a lizard and several little pigs.

It was already known that the actress had a chicken named Coco as a pet that she would dress up and take on walks everywhere. She and her family love animals, and in fact, they have a little pig in their house that recently became a mom. They also adopted a bearded dragon!

6. Amanda Seyfried shows off her photogenic horse and little chicken.

On the farm that she owns in northern New York, the actress shares her life with horses and chickens who she takes fun pictures with and posts them on her Instagram account. Obviously, in the home of the actress, there’s no shortage of conventional pets either, like as cats and dogs.

7. Justin Bieber has 2 exotic Savannah cats.

In the past, the singer had a cute capuchin monkey. But now he is the “father” of 2 Savannah cats, the result of crossing an African serval and a domestic cat. He and his wife love them so much that they even created an Instagram account for them, where they share cute images of their minions.

8. Reese Witherspoon does yoga with her goat.

The actress’s goats are called Martha and George Washington. But they are not the only ones who enjoy Reese’s affection, since there are also some donkeys, chickens, and pigs at her house.

9. Vanilla Ice had a lynx.

In the past, the rapper had a Ualarú (a type of marsupial) that used to run away from home and it seems that he likes exotic pets. He also had a lynx named Jynx, that he would treat just like it was a cute kitten.

10. Kristen Stewart loves her wolf dogs.

The actress who is famous for her role in the Twilight saga is fond of wolf-dog hybrids. Her mother rescued them years ago and they now live on large open land. She has 4 of them in her house and a kitten.

11. Melanie Griffith and her mother, Tippi Hedren, lived with a peaceful lion.

The lion, who was named Neal, shared his life with Melanie and her mother during the 1970s. They adopted him after Tippi traveled to Africa and was astounded by these animals. When she returned home, she decided to get a beautiful little lion. Over time, Hedren even created a haven for big cats.

12. Miley Cyrus had a sow named Pig Pig.

The former Disney star is an animal lover. In fact, she’s had horses, dogs, and cats on her ranch. But her most famous pet was a beautiful little pig who sadly passed away last year. Fortunately, the actress and singer has had no shortage of 4-legged friends in her life and currently on social media she appears in the company of a beautiful puppy named Beanie.

13. Mike Tyson breeds pigeons.

When this boxer reached the peak of his success, he had three albino tigers that he strolled around with as if they were harmless animals. However, since childhood, he has felt a fondness for pigeons, which he breeds and cares for very tenderly.

Which of these animals impacted you the most? Do you have any unusual pets? Would you like to share a photo of them? Then do it! You can share it with us in the comment section. We’d be happy to meet them!


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I'd love to have a goat sometime. They're adorable!


Chickens, exotic? Those aren't exotic chickes.. In my country we care and breed unique types of chickens, and also make them as pets, such as the jet black chicken, now that is exotic

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