7 People Whose Initiatives Drive Us to Get Up and Do Something Good

2 years ago

One of the most popular reasons people don’t donate is because they believe that their contribution is too small to make a difference. However, there are projects and initiatives that prove that an initially small effort, whether it’s a monetary contribution or volunteer work, can have a great impact and make other people’s lives better.

We at Bright Side adore such kind and heartwarming initiatives and want to share them with our readers.

1. A café that helps homeless kitties get adopted

Tally Cat Café is a café that shelters homeless kitties and helps them find loving homes.

It was founded by 3 best friends. “We were sitting around, talking about what we wanted our lives to look like, what we wanted to do in the long term, and the cat café came up. The next day, we started our research, and a year later, we opened our doors.”

The café works with the Leon County Humane Society and provides a place for cats to live and a better chance of getting adopted.

“All of our cats come from the shelter, we operate as a foster home, and we also were trained to approve and run adoptions on their behalf. Since opening, we have doubled the size of their cat program, and therefore, doubled the number of cats they’re able to save,” they say.

2. A man that builds houses for homeless people

The Tiny House Project is an initiative that started in 2015, and since then, it has provided shelters for homeless people. Elvis Summers, the founder of the project, along with the help of a group of organizers and volunteers, builds mini houses for those who have no place to live.

It all started with a single case, and now, after dozens of homes being built, Elvis is sure that the project does make a difference.

“When I built a tiny house for a 61-year-old woman who was sleeping in the dirt near my apartment, I just wanted to help her out. I did it because it was the right thing to do. It’s what we should do. We have more than enough resources in the world to solve the hunger and homeless crisis; the problem is that people just don’t care or don’t care enough.”

3. Justin Bieber makes wishes come true.

Along with the rise of his popularity, Bieber got involved in various charity projects. One of the most tender initiatives he became a part of was the Make-A-Wish foundation. Make-A-Wish is an initiative that fulfills the wishes of children who’ve been diagnosed with critical illnesses. As a headline for their mission, Make-A-Wish released the following statement, “A wish experience can be a game-changer for a child with a critical illness.”

When children expressed the wish to “meet Justin Bieber,” the singer was happy to make it come true. He took part in charity concerts and met kids, fulfilling their dreams. In just 4 years, Bieber made the wishes of more than 200 children come true.

4. A shop that does charity by reselling old clothes

The word “svalka” is translated from Russian as “scrapheap,” and the name precisely portrays the project’s main idea.

Founders and volunteers of Svalka gather people’s unnecessary stuff, which can consist of unusable clothes, old music recorders, and TV’s, and re-sells them in the launched secondhand shop. 70% of all the money earned is contributed to different charity organizations.

Thus, Svalka solves 2 issues at the same time. First, it helps charity organizations, and second, it promotes sustainability, as people are encouraged to reuse things and not buy new stuff.

5. Kylie Jenner serves food to homeless people.

Kylie Jenner often contributes to different charity projects and initiatives. Last year, for instance, she donated to the Rural Fire Brigades Association of Queensland and helped them to fight the catastrophic bushfires they faced over the summer. However, Jenner helps not just via monetary donations, but also by her presence and direct help.

In 2014, Jenner, along with the popular rapper, Tyga, and other celebrities, participated in Los Angeles Mission’s Charity Meal. They served Thanksgiving meals to the homeless and people in need.

6. A man that cleans public spaces and gets rid of garbage

Chistomen is a nickname for this guy from Russia who conducted an initiative that seeks to make our planet a cleaner place. Chistomen collects garbage in public places, such as the woods and parks.

Just like Spider-Man, Chistomen prefers not to show his face, so he wears a green mask. After he cleans an area, Chistomen leaves a message via art installation at the place, encouraging citizens to stop throwing garbage in the streets.

The browser search banner says: “The city is in the garbage. Whose fault is it? There are 7 billion results found.”

7. Ian Somerhalder launched a foundation to help the planet.

ISF is a project that was founded by a popular actor, Ian Somerhalder, and his wife, Nikki Reed. They claim the mission of the foundation is “to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.” To fulfill the mission, ISF sponsors different initiatives, projects, and individuals.

One of the recent projects of ISF involved a rabbit named Khaleesi. Khaleesi was a domestic animal abandoned by its owners. It was wounded and in pain. ISF cured Khaleesi and found it a new loving home.

Have you ever heard about any creative charity initiatives? Have you participated in them?


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