7 Things Fathers Do That Can Crush Their Sons Without Even Realizing It

3 years ago

As parents, we tend to believe that we always do the best for our kids. However, there are dads who don’t know how to discipline their kids and can end up destroying their relationship, which can become a problem that is sometimes overlooked. Even overprotective fathers can increase the fear in their kid’s life and this can lead to different downfalls.

Bright Side learned about the mistakes that any father can make and, luckily, they can be avoided if you’re aware of them.

1. You are overprotective over your son’s playtime.

Fathers play an essential part in their son’s transition in school. Usually, dads use different words than moms when talking with their son and this helps in building better communication skills. However, when the parent is always in control of the play, the kid will have a hard time building a relationship with friends. The grown-up should follow the son’s lead and then add just a few safety tips, but only when appropriate.

2. You avoid spending time together.

It seems like work always gets in the way, and you end up seeing your lovely son for just a few minutes. This isn’t good for either of you. Remember that your presence will enhance your kid’s self-esteem, help him through some childhood problems, and you will be a step closer to connecting with him.

3. You hide the dangerous situations for him.

Not letting your kid experience danger will make them more fearful. Pointing out the dangers the moment you see them can have a bad effect on them. This is because kids who don’t take risks when they are younger, won’t have the skills to become independent adults. So, a father who limits risks will just feed his son’s fears.

4. You don’t let him show his emotions.

While girls are mostly encouraged to express their emotions and even get help to do it, boys are usually taught to hide them. But the result of pushing down emotions will manifest even earlier in life and affect his future. Not knowing how to address his emotional issues will feed his stress and anxiety, as well as his ability to make friendships that last.

5. You discipline your son without showing love.

Your son needs discipline and guidance, but not in the form of punishment. Instead, you are there to set reasonable rules and limits for him and to remind him that for every action there are consequences. However, doing this without adding love to the equation and yelling all the time, will most likely make your kid afraid of you and aggressive.

6. You hide your failures.

The best way that we learn in our lives is through failing. But if you see someone else fail, you will think twice before taking the same step. So, if you hide your bad decisions and obstacles that you couldn’t overcome, your son could be destined to repeat the same mistakes. If you show him how to learn from his mistakes, by learning from your own, he will use your example and understand that there is no need to be afraid of mistakes, he will accept them and use them to reach even higher goals and overcome greater challenges.

7. You don’t respect his mother.

If your son sees how you are always angry, irritated, and disrespectful toward his mother, you won’t be setting a good foundation for his future relationships. He should see you express your love toward your wife. Even if you are divorced, you should do what you can to treat her with respect. In this way, you are being the example of how your son needs to treat his sisters, his mother, and every woman out there.

Are you overprotective over your son? What other mistakes do you think fathers make?


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My husband used to be very strict with our first kid, our son. Luckily we had a few fights and he got the point. They are no best pals ;)


sons? fathers? really? and mothers are always perfect because they are a female?


my mom was like this my entire childhood, ran away when I had the chance and started working at 14 years old to get our her household...


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