8 Daily Habits That Are Ruining Your Posture

2 years ago

Your posture is crucial not only for your health but for your emotional wellbeing as well. Having good posture may reduce fatigue, lift your mood, and even help people suffering from depression. But some little things we do on a daily basis can negatively affect the way we carry ourselves.

We at Bright Side decided to take a closer look at some seemingly innocent habits that may be hurting your back.

1.You wear a crossbody bag.

Wearing a bag that isn’t balanced on your body is one of the worst things you could do for your posture. Although it might be tempting to choose the biggest bag so you can carry your entire life in it, the heavier the bag, the bigger the problems it may cause for your spine. When you’re carrying your bag on one shoulder and the weight isn’t distributed evenly, it may lead to neck and shoulder strain injuries, poor posture, and even headaches. If you’re not ready to give up your favorite crossbody bag, empty it from time to time.

2. You cradle your phone between your ear and neck.

Sitting at your office desk for many hours at a time isn’t helping your posture, but the way you sit isn’t the only thing that can hurt your spine. Holding your phone between your shoulder and your ear may help you to keep your hands free to type, but eventually, it can damage your back. Your neck and shoulders aren’t meant to hold this position for a long time, and this habit may strain the muscles on your upper back, affecting your posture.

3. You work from a laptop.

Although your laptop allows you to work from anywhere, it’s better to overcome the temptation to sink down in your chair. Slouching and looking down at the screen can tire your muscles and eventually lead to poor posture. In fact, constantly looking down at the screen can strain your muscles as much as putting a 60-pound weight on your neck, according to a study.

4. You add milk to your coffee.

While milk and other dairy products are considered part of a healthy diet, these foods can cause inflammation and may worsen existing back pain, which, in turn, will affect your posture. Caffeine can also set up a perfect environment for lower back pain and even lead to chronic back pain.

5. You iron often.

Ironing makes you hunch over the ironing board, which, in turn, can worsen your posture. If you iron often, use a chair with a high back and place a rolled towel behind your back to prevent hunching.

6. You’re sleeping under a heavy blanket.

While sleeping under a big fluffy blanket may feel cozy, lifting and arranging it when you’re making the bed requires you to bend over and use your muscles. To avoid back pain, opt for more lightweight blankets.

7. You play tennis.

Playing tennis regularly can make your muscles sore. When you’re constantly moving your hand back and forth, it can put stress on the joints in the spine, causing your back to ache. To prevent tennis injuries, wear shoes with good shock absorption and make sure to stretch before and after a match.

8. You wear glasses.

Wearing the wrong glasses may cause your neck to hurt, which, in turn, will affect your posture. When you tilt your head back to look through the lower part of your lenses, it strains the muscles in your neck, causing tightness. To prevent the pain, make sure your head isn’t getting too close to the screen and take regular breaks to stretch or walk around.

Are you guilty of any of these habits? Have you noticed what else can affect your posture?

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true that. Once I had to work from my laptop for half a year and I had awful neck pains every day


this is why you get good quality glasses that sit properly on your nose so you don't have to tilt your head


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