8 Famous Men Opened Up About Their Mental Health, and Their Stories Inspire Millions

5 years ago

Everyone struggles sometimes with depression, but some famous men found enough courage to open up and start talking about anxiety and mental health problems. It definitely inspires people who suffer in silence and are afraid to speak up. It is important to talk aloud and seek help and treatment because everyone deserves to be heard and understood.

Bright Side decided to show some examples of 8 famous men who overcame different mental problems and took their lives under control, and it inspires all of us.

1. Dwayne Johnson and his battle with depression

One of the highest paid stars claimed that he was devastated, depressed and cried constantly. All this happened because of a series of circumstances. His mother attempted suicide in front of him and in several months they were evicted from their house. “I reached a point where I didn’t want to do a thing or go anywhere. I was crying constantly,” he said.

Years later, Dwane Johnson got numerous injuries and lost his dream to be a professional football player. The Canadian Football League that had a contract with him let him go. In a short time, his girlfriend broke up with him. Serious depression overtook him. Today the actor can say that he and his mother managed this condition and are in a good place.

2. Jim Carrey lost himself for some time in a serious depression.

There have been lots of discussions about Jim Carrey and his behavior in mass media, but there’s a reason why it’s called a “deep depression”. Many bad things had happened in his personal and professional life, and the suicide of his ex-girlfriend after they broke up left an imprint in his soul, but the actor found enough power to cope with his mental state.

In the interview, he confirmed, “There is not an experience of depression,” and claimed that he is not obsessed with his career anymore. He continued, “What’s happening is really good, but there is some really bad in there too. Some people have come at me in the last couple of years with the intent of breaking off a piece of the Holy Grail for themselves, but the grail isn’t a thing that you can break off”.

3. Prince Harry and his mental problems caused by his mother’s death

The Telegraph shared that in an interview with Prince Harry he accepted that he was shutting down all his emotions for almost 20 years: “I sought counseling after 20 years of not thinking about the death of my mother, Diana, and 2 years of total chaos in my life.” He also confirmed that Prince William tried to help him and pushed him to seek professional treatment.

Prince Harry had enough courage as a public person to speak to a professional about his mental health. He realizes now that losing his mother had a serious influence on his professional and personal life. Nowadays Prince Harry feels good and can be proud of himself because he decided to break stereotypes about mental health problems and encouraged people not to be afraid of accepting problems and asking for help.

4. Ryan Reynolds opened up and accepted his anxiety.

When you look at this handsome guy you probably think that he is strong, always cheerful, and full of jokes. The New York Times revealed the secrets of Ryan Reynolds, who confirmed that for a long time, he struggled with attacks of nausea and dread before talk-shows and has a fear of death. He said, “I have anxiety, I’ve always had anxiety.” Reynolds also explained that his early 20s were an unhinged period. During this time he was partying a lot and trying to “vanish in some way”. High anxiety and fears about his future were haunting him and he started self-medicating. Only after the death of his friend due to an overdose did he stop partying.

Today, Reynolds is happily married and has 2 kids. He appreciates his wife and accepts that she gives him a lot. Of course, he remains a famous person, and each time before an interview he tries to go into the character of Deadpool as not to allow the anxiety to overtake him.

5. James Franco admits his addictions and depression.

How often do you hear from people talking openly about their mental problems and addictions? Not often, because it is not easy, especially for a public figure. James Franco shared in a conversation with writer Edmund White for Out that he has a very addictive personality. As young as a teenager, he had some addictions and ironically, that’s the period of time when James Franco began to act. In 10 years, he found himself very depressed and broken.

In the same interview, the actor said that new hobbies appeared in his life. “I’ve started a new chapter of my life. I was very work-addicted and addicted to other things—not substances, I got over that a long time ago—but I’ve recently changed my life, and this is part of my therapy,” he explained. Art and sports always helped him to overcome difficult times and can be a sublimation of negative emotions.

6. Johnny Depp speaks out about depression, alcoholism, and financial struggles.

Johnny Depp’s interview with Rolling Stone resonated with many readers which didn’t come as a surprise. It was honest, bold and emotional. He admitted, “I was as low as I believe I could have gotten.” It was a period of time when he couldn’t take the pain anymore. His tough break up with Amber Heard, and battles with his former manager about money influenced him strongly. At that time he started to write in a diary which helped him. He said, “I poured myself a vodka in the morning and started writing until the tears filled my eyes and I couldn’t see the page anymore.” He tried to figure out what he could do to overcome all the emotional pain.

Johnny Depp has a lot to tell us about what happened in his life, but the main point is that he accepts that something went wrong and that he tried to fix it.

7. Michael Phelps says it’s okay to not be okay.

His life is an athletic dream, but not too many people know what he actually has felt and experienced. Michael Phelps some time ago made a big step in his life and revealed that he struggled with ADHD, “I [saw] kids who, we were all in the same class, and the teachers treated them differently than they would treat me. I had a teacher tell me that I would never amount to anything and I would never be successful.” Speaking up about mental health problems, he doesn’t try to pay more attention to himself, but there is a deeper meaning. It’s a call not to be afraid to talk to someone and ask for help. The moment you realize who you are with all your normalities and abnormalities, your life gets easier.

Michael Phelps found a way to cope with his condition as everyone else can. Having someone to talk to who can listen is very important.

8. Chris Evans and his struggle with social anxiety

In one of his interviews, Chris Evans revealed that anxiety kicks in during premieres and red carpet events, and he feels like he’s “walking on hot coals”. The actor describes his condition and emotions by saying, “You’re in the SUV with your family, your people. And then you have to pull over in some weird parking lot and do the swap. There are security and all these people. All of a sudden you’re out of your comfort zone. It’s strange. The little things that can tip you over.” He took some therapy sessions to overcome his unstable state.

Superheroes who don’t feel any fears exist only on screen, but in real life, we’re all vulnerable. Being afraid of public speaking and other things is okay and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Do you agree that everyone has a right to be weak sometimes? Write a comment below and share with your friends if this article was interesting for you.


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