8 Hair Washing Mistakes You May Be Making

3 years ago

At first glance, your hair washing routine seems pretty easy. But there are some mistakes you may never have realized you’ve been making that can lead to hair dehydration, breakage, or even scalp infections. And there are also some tricks that can be a game-changer, giving you that “fresh-out-of-the-salon” look.

We at Bright Side have done some research to find out what hair washing mistakes can keep you from having healthy, shiny hair.

1. You shampoo your hair too often.

According to medical experts, using shampoo every time you wash your hair is not necessary for keeping it clean. Rinsing the hair with water several times a week is enough to remove visible dirt. Applying shampoo has purely cosmetic reasons, and the rich lather it creates can remove oil from your hair. Oil is essential for healthy hair, as it keeps it moisturized and protects it from damage.

2. You don’t rinse your hair enough and use too much shampoo.

Rinsing your hair thoroughly for at least a minute before applying shampoo helps to remove any residue from the last hair care product you used. Letting your hair get completely wet before applying shampoo is an essential step to effectively wash it. If your hair is wet from top to bottom, the shampoo will lather better and spread more evenly. It will also help you use less shampoo when washing your hair.

3. You apply hair conditioner after shampoo.

We’re used to shampooing our hair first and then adding conditioner. But a reverse routine actually works better for some hair types. Applying conditioner first will make your hair look more voluminous. This method works best for fine hair that needs moisture but most conditioners can weigh it down and even make it look greasy.

4. You’re applying shampoo to the ends.

If you’re applying shampoo to the roots and then adding some more to the rest of your hair, you may be damaging the ends. The roots are often the oiliest, and you need to apply shampoo to the scalp rather than the ends of your hair. The ends are usually drier, and washing them with shampoo will make them look even more dehydrated.

5. You’re scrubbing the scalp with your nails.

Vigorously scrubbing the scalp can cause abrasions and it could cause eventual scalp infections. Hair is more fragile when it’s wet, and aggressive scrubbing can cause tangles, breakage, and can even weaken the follicles. The best way to wash your hair is to gently massage the roots with your fingers and palms.

6. You’re washing your hair with hot water.

The best water temperature for washing your hair is lukewarm. Washing the hair with hot water can make your locks easy to break and weaken the roots. Slightly warm water helps open the hair cuticles, and the hair absorbs the oil and moisturizing effects of the conditioner better. It’s best to finish the routine by rinsing your hair with cold water, as it will help close the cuticles and keep your hair from turning frizzy.

7. You’re applying conditioner to the scalp.

Applying conditioner to the scalp will make your roots ever more oily. It’s your hair and the ends that need the most hydration. Putting conditioner on or near your scalp can clog your hair follicles, slowing hair growth and increasing oil production.

8. You’re brushing your hair when it’s wet.

There’s no damage-free way to brush wet hair because when hair is wet, it’s at its weakest state. Rubbing your hair dry with a towel can also damage your strands. The best way to safely dry your hair is to gently pat it and allow it to dry naturally.

Are you making any of these hair washing mistakes? Do you have any hair washing tricks you want to share with other Bright Siders?

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Can I use shampoo everyday on my hair? Which shampoo is good for hair growth?

I want to know another thing that can i use onion oil for hair everyday?

Because recently I read an article on onionoilforhair.com that for hair growth we should use onion oil 2 times per day.

Is it harmful or beneficial?

Plz reply me.


Not sure how relevant this is for males but I just have to wash my hair everyday it just gets really greasy from my hairproducts


Recently started using a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel on my hair, and it has cut down the frizz a lot. I am also applying my aloe spray before I wrap it up so it dries with my hair and not just on top of dried hair. I read it in a few curl tips, that some products actually do better while the hair is wet, and it wasn’t just talking about heat protectants. If I determine my aloe spray is on more of the t-shirt than my hair, I will stop applying it that way. The good thing about it though is that it doesn’t gunk up my hair like some products do. I will try a couple of these article tips. (I already wash my hair once a week for my eczema on my scalp, mostly shampoo my roots, am more delicate on my roots, put conditioner lower on my hair. I don’t know if anyone else has the same hair type, but mine is only oily/dirty when I use creams or frizz oils. I also use an aloe shampoo and swap out periodically for tea tree and peppermint shampoos. I never heat dry anymore.)


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