8 Kitchen Tools From the Previous Century That Can Outperform Any Modern Device

3 years ago

The number of kitchen gadgets and devices that are presented to the world grows every year. Back in 2017, the global kitchen cookware market was estimated at about $2.1 billion, and it’s projected to grow to up to $4.6 billion by 2024. However, many people remain loyal to the gizmos and gadgets that have been used for years, as far back as the previous century. And new items are no match for these things.

At Bright Side, we researched old kitchenware and found out who continues to use these things and would perhaps hand them down to their children.

Cast iron skillets

Despite the abundance of cookware with various non-stick coating, cast iron cookware continues to be popular and holds a leading position. It’s environmentally friendly and durable because no chemical compounds are used in it, and the non-stick coating is created naturally during cooking. It also retains heat well, and food cooked in it tastes better than in a non-stick skillet because it cooks more slowly. Besides, even rusty cast iron cookware can be easily restored and used further.

A pan gripper

A pan gripper is a really helpful device if your pan doesn’t have a handle or if the handle is broken. It can still be found in many kitchens.

A garlic press

The majority of garlic presses are very reliable. This device can serve you for many decades. You can even crack nuts with it. Some people know how to use the press to grind black pepper.

A cherry pitter

This is an ingenious device that is incredibly convenient for pitting cherries. With it, berries manage to stay whole, even without the pit.

A milk watcher

This cooking utensil from the past works quite simply. A milk watcher should be placed on the bottom of the pot before boiling milk. When the milk starts to boil, bubbles of air rise from the bottom, and as a result, the watcher begins to rattle. Additionally, the milk watcher has another useful function — its shape contributes to the fact that the bubbles that rise to the surface don’t form foam, but rather, they’re destroyed.

Cupronickel cutlery

Cupronickel cutlery was produced as a cheaper alternative to silverware. Many people use them to this day. The material looks like silver but it’s much more durable, and the cost of it is much cheaper.

A steam juicer

The only drawback of aluminum cookware, namely aluminum steam juicers from the last century, is that they don’t fit on every stove. For example, you shouldn’t use a steam juicer on an induction cooktop. However, there are special underlays that let you use any cookware.

A steam juicer works quite simply. When the water in the lower part boils, the steam rises through the tube to the berries. The berries heat up, burst, and release juice.

A can opener

This is another convenient, almost timeless, and very effective device that will serve people for as long as we continue to use lids for jars. Alas, the modern versions of can openers work worse for the most part. A lid can easily get crumpled and perforated, or the opener will continually slide off when you try to open a lid.

What kitchen devices from the previous century do you still use? Or have you replaced them all with modern alternatives? Tell us in the comments below.

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