9 Background Actors Who Will Hardly Be Invited to Film Again

5 years ago

Being an actor in crowd scenes is enthralling and at the same time, easy. The camera doesn’t focus on these actors, they don’t have any lines and they likely merge with the crowd of similar actors. It might seem there is nothing simpler than following the directions of producers, however, there are some background actors that manage to fail this simple of a task.

At Bright Side, we’ve collected 9 on-set incidents caused by actors of the smallest, tiniest roles.

This resident of Planet of the Apes was remembered for his extra apathetic aggression.

The crowd scene in Hannibal — Rome’s Worst Nightmare was supposed to depict a cruel battle. Look closely at what the warriors were actually doing.

This was obviously the last role for the cat from You Only Live Twice.

The kids were asked to behave calmly in the scene of this movie Everything Must Go, but they overdid it a little.

A soldier from Dunkirk forgot that he should show fear with the approach of enemy aviation and depicted something between a smile and the expectation of the director’s command.

A man from Die Hard 2 decided to enhance the atmosphere of panic with a spontaneous fall.

When you accidentally come into frame at the Emmy Awards ceremony that is going live:

...or during a news broadcast that is also going live:

There was a seagull that walked in front of a panoramic camera on an Australian channel and it made this story a newsbreak for other channels all over the world.

Here’s perhaps the brightest case! This background actor who was fired before the play and decided that his last performance in the role of the background lion should be remembered by everyone.

According to stories, this incident occurred in 2009 in the Musa Cälil Tatar Opera and Ballet Theatre located in Kazan. The role of the lion in the ballet named, “Scheherazade” was performed by Vadim Yarullin who had been unfairly dismissed (as it seemed to him) shortly before this performance. However, he had to take part in the play according to his contract and this is what he actually did (the video of this dance can be watched here).

Have you ever noticed background fails in movies? Please share them with us in the comments!


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