9 Iconic Places From Our Favorite Movies and Series That We Can Actually Visit

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Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Bridgerton, Twilight, and other popular movies and shows have instantly made their filming locations hits among tourists. Fans love walking down the streets where their favorite actors were doing their epic dialogues, and taking photos where their favorite scenes were filmed. Stay with us if you want to visit the filming locations of your favorite movies and shows, and we’ll tell you where to go.

We at Bright Side found out which film sets we can visit as tourists and imagine ourselves as our favorite movie and series characters.

Game of Thrones: The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

© Game of Thrones / HBO and co-producers, JqnOC/easyfotostock/East News

The Dark Hedges has always been popular among tourists, but it gained international fame after Game of Thrones was filmed here. The beeches that grow here are already “pensioners” and they are believed to date back to about 1775. According to experts, these gorgeous trees are coming to the end of their life, so if you want to walk in their shade and enjoy the view, you need to hurry up.

Downton Abbey: Highclere Castle, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

Highclere Castle is the filming location of Downton Abbey, the show with a million fans across the globe. Apart from visiting the castle as a tourist, you can also celebrate a wedding, organize a corporate event, or throw a dinner here.

CAP/RFS/Capital Pictures/East News

Bridgerton: Syon Park and Gardens, London, England, United Kingdom

© Bridgerton / Shondaland and co-producer, Science Photo Library/EAST NEWS

Syon House & Gardens and the Great Conservatory have been featured in many movies and shows. Apart from Bridgerton, this beautiful place with its fantastic gardens and historic interiors appeared in The Madness of King George, 1994, Emma, 1996, Harlots, 2017, and other movies and series.

Twilight: Silver Falls State Park, Oregon, USA


The Twilight Saga was filmed in several spots in Oregon, including Silver Falls State Park. Oregon is attracting movie fans from different parts of the world thanks to its film trail. Oregon’s towns and landscapes were featured in so many series and films that they organized a big route with signs that say which movie was shot where for the ultimate excitement of movie fans.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Alnwick Castle, England, United Kingdom

EAST NEWS, moosician/easyfotostock/East News

Many of us wanted to become Hogwarts students when we were reading books and watching films about Harry Potter and his friends. If you still wish to see Hogwarts with your own eyes, head to Alnwick Castle. There, you can see the spots where memorable scenes from the Harry Potter movies were shot, including the lawn where Harry and other students learned to fly broomsticks.

Game of Thrones: Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik, Croatia

© Game of Thrones / HBO and co-producers, picture alliance / Hauke-Christi/EAST NEWS

Fort Lovrijenac appears in many Game of Thrones scenes. This fortress rises as high as 121 ft above sea level, and it has a triangular shape and a beautiful layout with 3 terraces. The fortress is also used as a theater stage.

Game of Thrones: Bardenas Reales desert, Spain

© Game of Thrones / HBO and co-producers, Jean-Luc Armand/Photononstop/East News

Bardenas Reales is a semi-desert region in Spain that looks truly mind-blowing and creates the impression you are on some other planet, but not Earth. The soil here is made of clay, chalk, and sandstone, and it forms magnificent canyons, hills, and tabular structures that look otherworldly.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2: Les Espaces d’Abraxas, Noisy-le-Grand, France

Image supplied by Capital Pictures/EAST NEWS, © Wirestock / Depositphotos.com

Les Espaces d’Abraxas is a big housing complex located not far from Paris, France with a post-modern design. Fans of the Mockingjay movies would surely appreciate the fact that these buildings look almost the same way in the movies and in real life.

Picturesque Lake Como and Villa Balbianello leave many tourists breathless, all thanks to the marvelous views that are just perfect for romantic rendezvous. Movie directors couldn’t leave this amazing spot unnoticed, and apart from Star Wars, Lake Como and its sights were featured in many other films, including Casino Royale, 2006.

Which movie sets would you like to visit and why?

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