9 Mothers Who Raised Their Children by Themselves (Maybe, That’s Why These Kids Became Famous)

10 months ago

Nowadays, it’s not that hard to meet a mother that is raising children without their father.

In most cases, women become single mothers, not because they want to, but because of their circumstances. This is what happened to the women from our article — the mothers of celebrities whose names you know very well.

We at Bright Side were really inspired by the strength and the power of the mothers of famous singers and popular actors and actresses.

1. Marcheline Bertrand — Angelina Jolie’s mother

Marcheline Bertrand, the mother of the famous Lara Croft movie star Angelina Jolie, also dreamed about a career in cinema. In 1971, Marcheline got married to the young actor Jon Voight but 9 years later, the couple broke up. The woman had to forget about her dreams about having an acting career and devoted her life to raising children.

Today, Angelina Jolie is known not only as a successful actress but also as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and mother of 6 children.

2. Judith Ann Hawkins — Halle Berry’s mother

The mother of actress Halle Berry, Judith Ann Hawkins, worked as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital. Her father, Jerome Jesse Berry, worked in the same hospital. Halle Berry’s parents got divorced when she was only 4 years old and she, along with her older sister Haidi, were raised solely by their mother.

Halle Berry became the first black actress in the history of cinema to get an Oscar for Best Actress and also won prestigious awards like an Emmy and The Golden Globe.

3. Irmelin Indenbirken — Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother

Leonardo DiCaprio is the only child of comic book author George DiCaprio and court clerk Irmelin Indenbirken. When the boy was only one year old, George and Irmelin broke up. Leonardo stayed with his mother. After the divorce, his mother had to work several jobs just to provide for her and her son.

Today, Leonardo is known around the world not only as a Hollywood star, but also as an active fighter for the protection of the environment. So, since 1998, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has donated more than $30 million on the development of 70 innovative eco-projects in 40 countries.

4. Patricia Hickey — Mariah Carey’s mother

The mother of American pop-singer Mariah Carey, Patricia Hickey, was an opera singer. Her father, Alfred Roy Carey was an air navigation engineer. Mariah’s parents got divorced when she was 3 years old. Patricia worked 2 jobs in order to provide for the family. For little Mariah, her mother was a role model for everything and she inspired her to become a singer.

Today, Mariah is famous around the world not only as the winner of 5 Grammy awards, but also as an actress and philanthropist. She is the co-founder of a children’s camp in the suburbs of New York that helps children from poor areas study art. The singer also often collects and donates money to charity foundations that help seriously ill children.

5. Pattie Mallette — Justin Bieber’s mother

Elizabeth Patricia Mallette is a Canadian writer, producer, and the mother of popular singer Justin Bieber. When she was 15 years old, she started a relationship with Jeremy Bieber and 3 years later, she gave birth to the famous star of the pop-world. Soon after the child was born, the couple broke up and Mallette had to raise her son alone.

When he was a child, Justin Bieber learned to play the piano, the drums, the guitar, and the trumpet. And at the beginning of 2007, when he was only 12 years old, Patty Mallette, uploaded a video with her son’s song. This video made the boy famous.

Throughout his entire career, Bieber has sold around 100 million records and he has become one of the best-selling musicians in Canada’s history.

6. Amanda Cornett — Selena Gomez’s mother

The life of Selena Gomez’s mother is a bit like the story of Justin Bieber’s parents. Amanda Cornett had her daughter at the age of 16 with a Mexican man, Ricardo Joel Gomez. When Selena was 5 years old, her parents got divorced. The mother of the future star was a theater actress. She raised her daughter alone and inspired her to be a singer.

Selena Gomez became popular after she did several TV series for Disney. And at the age of 17, she became world famous as a pop singer. In November 2012, she was named one of the women of the year by the Glamour magazine. Today, Selena is also known as a clothing designer.

7. Donda West — Kanye West’s mother

Kanye West’s parents got divorced when he was only 3 years old. Kanye’s mother Donda West worked as an English teacher at Chicago University. She has always supported her son in his pursuit of becoming a musician. And when Kanye became popular, his mother stopped working to help her son and she became his personal manager.

The first 6 Kanye West albums became platinum. The singer got more than 20 Grammy awards and was on the list of the 100 most influential people in the world according to Time.

8. Judy Loe — Kate Beckinsale’s mother

The star of British cinema, Kate Beckinsale, was born in the family of TV actor Richard Beckinsale and theater actress Judy Loe. When Kate was only 5 years old, her father died of a heart attack. Her mother had to raise her daughter by herself, and thanks to her, Kate loves the theater and cinema.

In her childhood, Kate wanted to become a writer and even won several literary competitions with her work. When she was young, she started studying the Russian language. Later, she entered the Russian philological department at Oxford University but she dropped out and decided to become an actress.

9. Betty Lou Bredemus — Julia Roberts’ mother

American actress Betty Lou Bredemus and her husband playwright Walter Roberts had 3 children: Eric, Liza, and Julia. The couple fought pretty often and when Julia was around 5 years old, her parents decided to break up. One year later, Betty Lou got married again — to Michael Motes, but he ended up offending the children and the marriage ended soon afterward.

Today, Julia Roberts is one of the highest-paid and popular actresses in Hollywood. She has been at the top of the list of the most attractive people on the planet, according to People, 12 times. And even though she is a very popular actress, Julia continues to be deeply involved in raising her daughter and 2 sons.

Are there any single parents among our subscribers? We express our respect to you!

Angelina Jolie’s children, adopted and biological, are growing up fast, each carving out their own unique paths, reflecting the diverse family’s values and interests.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s rumored ring gift to Kate Winslet has been a topic of intrigue among Titanic enthusiasts. Contrary to speculations, the ring symbolizes their deep friendship rather than romance. Their on-screen chemistry, evident since Titanic, has earned them accolades and nominations. Winslet clarified that their relationship has always been platonic, with DiCaprio even walking her down the aisle at her wedding. The ring, bearing a secret engraving, remains a cherished token of their unique bond.

Reiterating the strength of their bond, Leonardo DiCaprio’s comment about Kate Winslet’s body during “Titanic” played a pivotal role in shaping her perspective on body image. DiCaprio’s words emphasized the importance of embracing one’s natural shape, challenging societal standards. This conversation fortified Winslet’s commitment to body positivity, making their friendship a beacon of mutual respect and understanding.


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these are great examples of women being stronger than we think they are!

4 years ago
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Yes there are some good examples here but just gotto say not only is Julia Roberts a man stealing, rude, wife attacking mean person, she's also a major diva just like Mariah Carey and both have known to be horrible to family sisters and say awful things about them. Also breaking up with someone cause they offended your children???? Seriously??? And Angelina Jolie also is very vindictive and am angry bitter person.


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