9 Simple Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Gorgeous

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5 years ago

The gamut of makeup is so vast and complex, it’s easy to get confused by it all. It’s assumed that good makeup is expensive and requires a specialist to use correctly. But the reality of this is a little different. Knowing a few makeup tricks will not only make it look like you just got your make up done but more importantly, it will help you look and feel gorgeous!

Bright Side created a list of easy-to-perform makeup tricks that are totally worth knowing.

Use aluminum foil to increase the effectiveness of cream masks.

The effectiveness of any cream mask can be substantially improved by covering your face with some aluminum foil after applying the mask. Additionally, the foil mask can be used to remove morning puffiness. To remove puffiness, apply toner then cover it with the mask.

Learn the art of contouring.

For highlighting, use a bronzer that’s a few shades darker than your skin and a foundation that’s a few shades lighter. Follow the photograph above (on the right) to apply the bronzer and the foundation. Bear in mind that proper blending is the key to a natural and effortless look.

Follow the chart to apply blush correctly.

Don’t apply blush the way you see others applying it. For the best effects, determine the shape of your face and apply the blush based on that.

The triangle concealer trick

Concealer appears to be a pretty easy-to-use makeup tool for hiding dark circles. You just plop little dots of it on and blend. But there’s a better way of doing it rather than just dotting and blending. To make your face look fuller and more youthful, draw a triangle with your concealer under your eyes and then use a soft sponge or brush to blend it.

Applying concealer using this technique will brighten up your face and draw attention toward your eyes.

Turn your regular eyeshadow into a gloss with lip balm.

To make any eyeshadow appear glossy, swipe a little lip balm over your lids after you’ve applied the eyeshadow.

Create the perfect winged eyeliner.

To create the perfect winged eyeliner, hold the handle of a spoon at the outer corner of your eye. Follow the handle to draw a straight line using your eyeliner. Next, cup your eyelids using the rounded portion of the spoon, and use the curved edge to create the curvy tip of the wing. Finally, fill in the space between the 2 lines with eyeliner and extend the liner onto the upper lash line.

Mix a concealer with a gold cream eyeshadow to make a natural looking inner eye liner.

Mix your favorite concealer with a little bit of gold cream shadow on the back of your palm to get the perfect shade you want. Using your fingertip, apply it to the inner corners of your eyes. This blend won’t be noticeable yet it will give your eyes a subtle highlight.

Get the perfect cupid’s bow by drawing an “X” in the center of the upper lip.

Creating the perfect cupid’s bow on your lips is as easy as drawing an “X”. Draw an “X” on the upper lip so that it intersects in the middle and contours the lower part of the lips. Now fill in the rest of your lips. For the finishing touch, apply lip gloss over the painted part.

Make your lipstick last longer.

Want your lipstick to stay put all day long? After applying a layer of it, stick a napkin over your lips. It will remove the excess lipstick. Now powder your lips and apply one more layer of lipstick.

What other makeup hacks do you use to simplify the process? Tell us your tricks in the comments.


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