15+ Illustrations That Capture the Problems We Face as Women When Getting Dressed

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3 years ago

The great lie of the 20th century was, without a doubt, one size fits all clothing. Who on Earth came up with this idea? Thankfully, people like Natalia Sabransky know better. This Argentinian illustrator used her drawing skills to share the difficulties and contradictions with the world that we girls face in the fitting room, in our closet, and actually, anywhere on the streets. After all, it’s crazy to think that the fashion industry can only see one type of body. But that’s precisely the strength of Sabransky’s illustrations: they break the illusion of the perfect body according to fashion standards and show us just how diverse bodies can be. It was about time someone talked about this, to be honest!

Bright Side keeps trying to create new spaces to keep the conversation going, especially when it comes to creating more awareness around diversity. So we made this compilation with some of the best images from Naty Ilustrada (Sabransky’s nom de plume). Enjoy!

1. Kind of a ridiculous situation...

2. “It’s one size fits all but it’s re-styled! Covers 3 sizes. It is between a size small and a size large.”

3. It’s not gonna be any more clear than that.

4. Sometimes the truth can be beautiful.

5. Well said!

6. “Typical situation if you have big legs”

7. “I just want clothes that actually have different sizes, that are nice, and that don’t cost an arm and a leg!”

8. If you’re a pear-shaped girl you can probably relate to this. We know we can.

9. “If you are short, half of your pants will have to be cut off and if you are tall, they barely cover your knees.”

10. Short girls can always shop in the kid’s section.

11. “I’d like to know who came up with the idea of one size fits all.”

12. Enjoy your dresses and sleeveless shirts!

13. And let’s all agree on this one, people!

14. Meanwhile, in real life...

15. Expectation vs Reality

16. One size does not fit all when it comes to thick calves and boots.

What do you think one-size-fits-all says about the fashion industry? Have you ever experienced any issues in the dressing room? How do you think that fashion could celebrate the diversity of the human body?

Preview photo credit natyilustrada / Instagram


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