People Are Demanding Kid-Free Planes After a Baby Cried an ENTIRE 29-Hour Flight

4 months ago

Flying can be an adventure, a means to explore distant lands, or simply a tedious journey from point A to point B. But what happens when the harmony of your flight is disrupted by an unexpected symphony of wails and cries? Henry Beasley found himself in just such a situation during a 29-hour flight from New Zealand to Germany.

Beasley, armed with patience and a touch of humor, decided to document his turbulent journey as the relentless cries of a baby filled the cabin. In a series of videos posted on his band’s TikTok account, Beasley initially attempted to deal with the situation, humorously captioning his experience as “Rate my 29-hour flight to Berlin.” The video is followed by a sarcastic “strong start” as the baby’s cries pierced through the air.

As the hours dragged on, however, Beasley’s facade of amusement began to crack, revealing the weariness and frustration that had settled in. “The kid’s got some lungs. Great projection,” he remarked sarcastically, his humor tinged with exhaustion.

The videos captured Beasley’s descent into irritation as he furiously chewed gum, a tic forming in his left eye, while the relentless screams persisted. He even rated specific cries, showcasing a blend of dark humor and resignation. “Nice long one here, 100,” he captioned one particularly cry.

The social media response to Beasley’s saga was mixed, with some empathizing with both the exhausted parents and the passengers. “Been there, done that. It’s not fun for us either,” wrote one sympathetic parent, while another expressed solidarity, stating, “You think we enjoy our kids screaming and others around us having to listen to it? Absolutely not.”

Yet, between the understanding voices were those who echoed Beasley’s frustration, with one commenter confessing, “The rage I get just by watching this,” while others affirmed the video was the “Best birth control ever.” Suggestions for child-free flights surfaced, with some advocating for separate flights for passengers who prefer a quieter journey.

The debate over child-free flights is not new, with calls for such accommodations gaining traction over the years. In a 2012 poll by TripAdvisor, a third of Britons expressed willingness to pay a premium for child-free flights, citing noisy children as a primary annoyance during air travel. Indeed, the desire for a peaceful journey is universal, transcending borders and cultures.

As Beasley’s journey finally drew to a close, the baby’s cries faded into memory. “Stellar performance, incredible stamina. 10/10,” Beasley concluded, a mixture of relief and dry humor evident in his tone.


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The parents do have a responsibility to care for their baby. Crying for 29 hours surely alerts to the baby being uncomfortable - pain, hunger, thirst, overtired? A precautionary dose of paracetamol and then offering food and drink? It is cruel to let a baby cry that length of time.
Why isn't there a crying room on the planes?


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