A Boy Walked Over 2 Hours to Get to His 8th Grade Graduation, and He Received the Gift of a Lifetime For It

4 months ago

A 14-year-old boy is showing the world the true meaning of tenacity. Without a ride or public transportation, he could not make it to the far-away venue of his 8th-grade graduation. But, instead of staying at home resignated, he decided to take on the challenge. And now his determination is being recognized with a priceless gift.

His grandpa’s car stopped working at the last minute.

The story of Xavier Jones, a young teenager from Missouri, United States, is going viral due to how easily it touches people’s hearts. Jones, an eighth-grade student at Yeatman Middle School, had to overcome numerous obstacles not to miss one of his most significant academic moments.

On the day of the event, his grandfather’s car broke down, so he devised a new strategy to get to the ceremony venue, Harris-Stowe University. “I looked up Harris-Stowe University on Google Maps, and then I saw the walking distance,” he recalled in an interview. “and then I said, ’I could probably make it.’”

Although Harris-Stowe University was 6 miles (over 10 kilometers) away from his home, he decided he would walk there and enlisted the help of his brother and a friend who joined him for company. Jones then walked for more than 2 hours through tough neighborhoods and busy traffic, all under the blazing sun. At one point, he got so thirsty that he had to ask strangers for a dollar to buy something. Still, he kept going and made it in time for the ceremony.

“If you want something done, you gotta go ahead and do it yourself,” he said about his adventure.

The university’s president decided to reward him for his efforts.

When administrators at Harris-Stowe State University found out about the lengths Jones went through to walk on stage and receive his diploma, they were moved. As such, Jones was offered a full-ride scholarship for when he graduates high school in 4 years. The scholarship will cover the boy’s cost of tuition, fees, and all books.

Harris-Stowe State University’s president, Dr. Latonia Collins Smith, admitted she simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to help the boy with his education. “I just led with my heart, and I followed my heart, and my heart said, ’This is a kid that needs a scholarship,’” she said.

The boy has already been given a private tour of the university’s campus and revealed he wants to drive for NASCAR once he graduates.

The world is full of other incredibly touching stories, including that of Abraham and James. The boys were born in Sierra Leone and were homeless until an American couple adopted them. Recently, a video of the boy reacting to his first birthday cake on his 12th anniversary has gone viral, making everyone emotional.

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This is a remarkable young man. Many kids today would have been satisfied to stay home and play video games or something else online. Many wouldn't have taken the challenge of walking two or more hours in the summer heat to go anywhere, much less a school activity. He and his family should be very proud of him and his two friends who chose to go with him, that was very kind. Bless their hearts, I'm so happy that he got to be there and the reward for his efforts is awesome.

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