A Canadian Artist Makes Driftwood Sculptures That Are So Mesmerizing, We Could Look at Them All Day

3 years ago

Debra Bernier is a talented and extraordinary sculptor of forest spirits from Canada. She doesn’t make anything from scratch but uses materials created by nature itself. With mixed techniques she removes all that is unnecessary and reveals the true appearance of the wood.

All of her masterpieces are full of emotion. It’s not just art, but also the essence of love and beauty. Just have a look!

Bright side found 15 pieces from the Driftwood Spirit Sculptures collection that we’d like to share with you.

1. “Dance into the wind”

My daughter found this extraordinary piece of driftwood in a tidal-pool river while the tide was out. The under-sea garden was exposed for exploration where starfish and crabs entertained us for a sunny afternoon.

2. This mermaid is sleeping in real coral.

3. “Tears water our growth”

This Driftwood Spirit Sculpture can be a nice addition to the house of any connoisseur of art.

4. “Dreams”

5. “Breathtaking”

Every piece is full of symbolism and each person can find different meanings.

6. “Free spirit”

When you look at this sculpture the emotions of freedom and infinite femininity captivate you.

7. “Love of the earth”

8. A woman with roots (dried seaweed) curled in a ball, waiting, as a sleeping seed, to grow, and stretch toward the light

9. “Wisdom in wood”

It feels like this piece is going to open its eyes and start talking to you.

10. “Eyes Have The Power To Speak”

11. “This one-of-a-kind sculpture shows the grace of an aging woman, one with the wood. Wrinkles are so lovely and similar to tree bark!”

12. “Vessel woman”

13. “Buddha”

14. “Spirit woman”

15. “Fearless”

16. A bow made from a sapucaia shell

17. “Dancing bear”

18. Nautilus woman

Would you like to see these sculptures in person? And do you believe in spirits?


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