A Cartoonist Creates Cool Comics That Show Japan Is a Country Like No Other

3 years ago

Celebrating Christmas while having a big KFC meal or being greeted by a cat at a store are things that can only happen in Japan. All cultures have singularities that make them stand out, but this country stands out for its lifestyle, which is radically different from what we’re used to on the other side of the world. A unique creativity is necessary to demonstrate these differences, and the artist Evangeline Neo, from Singapore, definitely has it. After visiting Japan, she decided to illustrate some aspects of the Japanese culture in her funny comics. Her work has enchanted people to such a degree that she’s currently one of the most recognized artists in Southeast Asia. You can find her cartoons on her accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as @evacomics.

Bright Side wants to share with you the funny comics of this great artist that will probably surprise you as much as they surprised us.

1. “Only in Japan can cats become station masters and dogs, store keepers!”

2. “If the tattoo is small, it can be covered so you can enter the public bath houses or swimming pools.”

3. “Has anybody bought the expensive Japanese fruits before? Like the melon or the insanely priced grapes...”

4. It’s not unusual to find the adult magazine section, for all the customers to see, in a convenience store.

5. “If you fall asleep on the bus in the US, it just might be your last stop...”

6. “The Japanese are surprised that the rest of the world doesn’t eat buckets of KFC chicken for Christmas. This is the result of clever marketing from KFC Japan in the 70s that made eating KFC an annual tradition.”

7. “Japanese artists flip their pages as soon as a break is announced. Maybe they don’t like to show off their work?”

8. “They don’t allow to-go boxes of leftovers to be taken from restaurants or buffets because of a major food poisoning incident that happened some years ago.”

9. “So, do you eat your noodles by making sounds? I always have a problem making those slurps!”

10. “How do you eat your sushi?”

11. “My friend’s entire ‘private collection’ was wiped out when she went back to collect her laundry...”

12. “Although it is usually safe, it is still better to not leave your important things unattended.”

13. “Gather and Disperse (Collectivist and individualist cultures)”

14. “The Japanese celebrate New Year’s Eve quietly, by visiting their nearby shrine or temple. Near midnight, their bells ring and people make their wishes for health and happiness.”

15. “Trick or treat?”

16. Different bathroom standards

17. Japanese children’s responsibility level: Expert

There are numerous distinctions between countries. Has any tradition from another nation caught your attention? Which activities in your country do you do differently than the rest of the world? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Evacomics / Facebook


The title should say Japan compared to USA. Not every country is the same around the world

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