A Crossed-Eyed Cat Wins the Hearts of Thousands and Raises Money for Animal Shelters

4 years ago

A cute crossed-eyed cat named Belarus had to spend some time in a shelter before he found his forever home. Now that he lives with his loving and caring mom Rachel, he’s the happiest cat ever and he’s even helping to raise some money for other animals in need.

Here at Bright Side we believe that every pet is worth being loved, and we are glad that Belarus found his home. It’s impossible to not fall in love with this cat the moment you see him, and now it’s your turn to meet this fluffy cutie with his lovely quirky eyes.

Rachel, the mom of Belarus, took him from an animal shelter in San Francisco back in 2018. Since then Belarus has become her faithful friend, who follows her everywhere from the kitchen to the shower. “There is no privacy with Belarus in the house,” said Rachel, in an interview about her wonderful cat.

Belarus helps Rachel around the house and takes part in everything that she does, turning any activity into lots of fun, and, of course, he’s great when it comes to cuddles. “He cuddles a lot when I’m on the couch watching TV or sending emails,” says Rachel. “He’ll make sure he’s right beside me and then will fall asleep or start to clean himself.”

Rachel and Belarus are sharing pictures and videos of their daily life on their Instagram and Facebook pages, and their YouTube channel (their Instagram account now has more than 250,000 followers!). This cat-and-human story, with its happy ending, has once again proven that looks don’t matter, and that each and every pet is worth our love.

Belarus is not just a funny fluffy kitty who brings a lot of joy to his mom and to all of his followers on social media. Belarus has his face on hoodies, T-shirts, and other merchandise that you can buy on a special website. This platform partners with animal shelters and it helps to raise money for animals in need. Once a shelter cat himself, now Belarus is helping other cats and dogs.

You can help animals by purchasing merchandise with Belarus on it, and meanwhile have a look at some cute photos Rachel and Belarus are sharing via Instagram.















Did Belarus manage to win your heart? Do you know of any other animals with cute quirky features that make them look even more adorable?


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