A Cruel Viral Tweet That Shames Pierce Brosnan’s Wife Quickly Backfires

6 months ago

There’s probably nothing more satisfying than an internet troll getting the response and the lesson they fully deserve. Such a thing has recently happened to one person who decided to shame Keely Shaye Smith. The woman is famous for her happy marriage to a Hollywood icon, Pierce Brosnan, 70. She has recently become the target of a tweet showing photos of the couple and a caption meant to hurt Smith. But the story took a whimsical turn, leaving many believing in true justice.

The tweet was obviously aimed at shaming the famous woman.

A cruel tweet was recently published by a user on a popular social network. Its goal was to shame Pierce Brosnan’s wife, but the post backfired directly on the user who posted it. The person posted a collage of some photos, showing Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith in different stages of their life. The post comes from an account that has the description, “Campaigning against misandrist educational institutions who failed men.” The collage also carried the caption, “Your daily reminder to avoid marriage.”

Despite Smith and Brosnan both looking absolutely fabulous both then and now, the collage itself focused on changes in Smith’s appearance. It particularly emphasized her weight gain, with a possible implication that marriage makes women “let themselves go.”

The cruel tweet quickly went viral.

The user who posted this tweet obviously wanted to spark controversy. The post unexpectedly gained huge traction, reaching over 59 million people.

The whole thing provoked avid discussions about societal expectations and stereotypes toward women’s appearances, and many people turned the conversation to celebrate Smith’s never-fading beauty and the strength of her absolutely happy marriage.

It may have come as a surprise to the original poster, but people rushed to the comment section, not to support the shaming, but, on the contrary, to show their love for Keely Shaye Smith. Many comments that showed support for Smith received even way more likes than the original tweet, and despite the original poster’s attempts to clap back, people let them know that they were being inappropriate.

The troll literally received a boomerang from internet users.

The commenters were unanimous in the opinion that Keely Shaye Smith is actually beautiful in both photos. One person suggested to the troll that they should post a picture of themselves and see how many marriage options they would have. Another user rephrased the original caption, writing, “A daily reminder that a good marriage can last.”

Some people mentioned that Pierce Brosnan has claimed many times that he’s madly in love with his wife and loves her body, and others pointed out that Smith has given life to Brosnan’s kids, has always been faithful to him, and their union is the strongest ever. Almost all the users were delivering the same opinion — that the original poster was just jealous of Smith and Brosnan’s happiness, and they just couldn’t find true love themselves.

And here’s how Pierce Brosnan responded to the trolls who criticized Keely Shaye Smith’s appearance.

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