A Digital Artist from Argentina Uses Photoshop to Create Impossible Realities, and His Self-Portraits Are Really Thought-Provoking

year ago

Martín De Pasquale is an art director and digital artist based in Buenos Aires who is known for his incredible photo manipulations and surreal artwork. Using various types of graphics software, he manages to create wonderful images where the lines between reality and fantasy are completely distorted.

Bright Side collected 25 of the most astounding photos by Martín proving that you can work miracles with the help of modern computer technologies.

25. Shaving

24. Cold days

23. Night falls on Buenos Aires

22. Invasion

21. Dragging yourself to work

20. Unable to get out of bed

19. Nothing to wear

18. Break the routine

17. Walking along the streets on a rainy day

16. Harvesting

15. Renewing ideas

14. Zipper

13. Summer

12. Birthday

11. Karma

10. Self-portrait

9. Hunger

8. Urban myths

7. Hand of God

6. Shadows

5. Plow

4. Daily prey

3. Autobiography

2. Freedom of expression

1. Reflection

Which of Martín’s works impressed you the most? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Martín De Pasquale / facebook


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