A Girl “Who Can’t Smile” Becomes a Model and Proves Beauty Shines Through in Many Ways

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When you meet Tayla, you’ll first notice her captivating eyes that shine with warmth and kindness. But if you wait for her to smile, you may be surprised. Tayla was born with an extremely rare condition.

However, she didn’t let this stop her from pursuing her dreams. Against all odds, she became a successful model and proved that beauty goes beyond facial expressions. Read on to learn more about Tayla’s inspiring journey.

Tayla has found ways to manage her symptoms and live a fulfilling life.

Meet Tayla Clement, a 25-year-old model from New Zealand who has spent her entire life unable to move her eyes from left to right or express herself with her eyebrows and upper lip. Tayla was born with Moebius syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that weakens or partially paralyzes the facial muscles responsible for controlling expressions and eye movements.

Sadly, Tayla’s condition made her a target of ridicule during her school years. She yearned for a “normal smile” but learned to embrace her uniqueness as she grew older. Tayla believes she was “born to stand out” and has advocated for people with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and body positivity. Despite her challenges, Tayla’s unwavering spirit and positive attitude can inspire us all.

But her journey to self-love wasn’t an easy one.

With over 30K Instagram followers, Tayla’s journey hasn’t been a walk in the park. She’s battled years of despising her smile and wishing for a “normal” one. But here she is, against all odds, standing tall and proud.

Through all of her hardships, Tayla discovered her true calling: to stand out and positively impact the world. Her syndrome and inability to smile have gifted her with a unique perspective that has already inspired and touched countless souls.

At just 12 years old, Tayla underwent a life-altering corrective surgery to restore some voluntary movement to her face. Dubbed the ’smile operation,’ the procedure involved the transplantation of soft tissue from her thigh to both sides of her face.

The goal was to grant Tayla the ability to clench her mouth in a way that resembled a smile. But despite the grueling 8-hour surgery, it proved to be unsuccessful. Nevertheless, Tayla’s resilience shone through as she refused to let this setback define her. Despite the disappointment, she remains determined to make a difference in the world and continues to inspire those around her with her unwavering spirit.

And when we say she refused to let her condition set her back, we mean it.

Tayla is breaking down barriers and inspiring others with her natural “resting face,” thanks to Zebedee Talent. This groundbreaking model agency represents individuals with disabilities, visible differences, alternative appearances, and LGBTQIA talent.

With her recent international modeling contract, Tayla is living her best life and sharing her unique story. As one of only a few people in the world with the rare condition known as Moebius disorder, she’s determined to use her platform to inspire others and bring awareness to her community.

Through her grit and determination, Tayla is redefining what it means to be a model and paving the way for greater representation and inclusivity in the fashion industry. “I hope you know that no matter what, YOU can be, do, and achieve anything in this life ... you are here for a reason, don’t squish your dreams, achieve them,” Clement said.

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I wish her all the best in the world and happiness and success in her career.


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